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  1. Schaulaufen der DC-Ikonen auf Krypton: Doomsday, Brainiac und mehr in Superman-Prequel-Serie dabei. Von Markus Trutt — 24.07.2017 um 19:03. Im Rahmen der Comic-Con in San Diego wurde erst.
  2. g back through time to save Krypton from Brainiac. Despite Adam Strange insisting Dru not be trusted, Dru manages to convince Lyta-Zod and Seg-El of his benevolent intentions and Adam's malevolent ones, prompting them to unite with Dru to find Doomsday while locking Adam up
  3. Der Protagonist ist Supermans Großvater Seg-El. Die Serie spielt auf dem titelgebenden, fiktiven Planeten Krypton und ca. 200 Jahre vor der Geburt von Superman. Die Serie wurde von David S. Goyer für den US-amerikanischen Kabelfernsehsender Syfy entwickelt. Die erste Staffel, die 10 Folgen umfasst, wurde vom 21
  4. Source The Doomsday Vault is a vault in the catacombs of Kandor City created by House of El and House of Zod to contain Doomsday.. History [edit | edit source]. House of El and House of Zod created Doomsday as a weapon during Krypton's pre-cataclysm era. Once it became clear that Doomsday could not be controlled or destroyed the House of El and House of Zod sealed him away
  5. Kirt Niedrigh beschloss Doomsday als Waffe einzusetzen um die Kryptonier von New Krypton zu vernichten. Nachdem Niedrigh Doomsday auf die Kryptonier losgelassen hatte, startete dieser Argo zu zerstören und dessen Einwohner zu töten. Superman, welcher sich allerdings ebenfalls im 31

Krypton's Next Villain May Be Bigger Than Brainiac & Doomsday Combined. Krypton's Season 2 finale laid the groundwork for a major DC villain, which may spell the end of the universe as Seg-El and his friends know it. SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for The Alpha and the Omega, the Krypton Season 2 finale. Darkseid is. Doomsday escaped Krypton and went on a killing spree across several planets. He began with crashlanding on Bylan 5 (245,000 years ago), a planet where Darkseid was about to wed a princess (in order to obtain that planet's chemical deposits for Apokolips' weapons factories). Just as Doomsday and Darkseid were to meet in combat, Darkseid was forced to flee as the battle had caused the planet's. Krypton's Doomsday Was Supposed to Be the Planet's Original Superhero In the latest episode of Krypton, General Zod learned the tragic backstory of Dax Baron, the Kryptonian soldier who would become Doomsday. By Meagan Damore Published Jul 24, 201

Erster Blick auf Doomsday in der neuen Episode Civil Wars der Serie Krypton 26.04.2018 In der letzten Folge von Krypton bekamen die Fans ihren ersten Blick auf Doomsday in der Episode Civil Wars. Doomsday, das Monster, das Superman getötet hat, hat sich zu einem der beliebtesten Schurken in den letzten dreißig Jahren von DC Comics entwickelt Krypton Introduces Doomsday, the Monster That Killed Superman Doomsday's Arrival Completely Changes Krypton's Story General Zod discovers the weapon he's been searching for in Doomsday, the monster that killed Superman, which may alter the course of Syfy's Krypton. By Kevin Melrose Published Apr 25, 201 Doomsday escaped Krypton and went on a killing spree across several planets. He began with crash landing on Bylan 5, a planet where Darkseid was about to wed a princess (in order to obtain that planet's chemical deposits for Apokolips' weapons factories). Just as Doomsday and Darkseid were to meet in combat, Darkseid was forced to flee as the battle had caused the planet's atmosphere to become. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Doomsday Vs. Zod. There's a little bit of a twist here. DC Comics has gone through multiple reboots, and one of them called The New 52 showed a slightly different connection between Doomsday and Krypton. In it, Doomsday attacked the planet out of nowhere, and only General Zod was able to stop him by sending him into the Phantom Zone prison

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  1. from the official @KryptonSYFY twitter account, the loud nigra scream was NOT edited inhttps://twitter.com/KryptonSYFY/status/112584682281412608
  2. Seg-El bekommt es in der zweiten Staffel von Krypton mit Gegnern zu tun, die selbst einen berühmten Enkel ordentlich auf Trab halten. Die neue Vorschau zeigt Doomsday, Brainiac und Zod und ein.
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  4. Note: We don't own any material in this video. Original creator may have his copyright.Other Videos of episode 9 https://youtu.be/e6BMu0EAPaIhttps://youtu...
  5. Doomsday is depicted as a deadly, demonic monster genetically engineered from the depths of prehistoric Krypton. His creator imbued him with few feelings, mostly hate and desire for destruction, which led to his destroying worlds and eventually finding Earth, where he met Superman

Krypton is an American television series developed by David S. Goyer for Syfy. Focusing on Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe), the grandfather of DC Comics superhero Kal-El/Superman, the series is set approximately 200 years before the birth of Superman and takes place on the eponymous fictional planet. Krypton premiered on March 21, 2018. Its first season consists of ten episodes. In May 2018, Syfy. Doomsday was born on prehistoric Krypton, one of the most hostile worlds in the galaxy at the time: he was genetically engineered by the alien scientist Bertron. As just an infant, he was released into this environment and killed: Bertron cloned the surviving and strongest genetic matter and re-released it so the process could be repeated until the resulting being was powerful enough to. Doomsday in Krypton. Doomsday/Dax-Baron appears in the SyFy series Krypton though he remained in suspended animation. He was created centuries ago by members of the Zod and El family and only their blood can free him from his vault prison. He is called a weapon that is unkillable by the Cythonnites, a religious group that's dedicated their lives to guard him. Trivia. Due to the fact that. Set two generations before the destruction of the legendary Man of Steel's home planet, Krypton follows Superman's grandfather — whose House of El was ostracized and shamed — as he fights to redeem his family's honor and save his beloved world from chaos 1 History 1.1 Origin 2 Equipment 2.1 Weapons 2.2 Transportation 3 Allies 4 Enemies 5 Notes 6 Trivia 7 Links The Kryptonian Empire was a powerful interstellar government formed by the Kryptonian civilization. Thousands of years ago, this race of humanoids from the planet Krypton developed advanced technology allowing them to leave their world. During the height of the Empire, the Kryptonian.

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Doomsday is a being of unknown origin and unimaginable power and bloodlust tied to the past of Krypton. 1 History 1.1 Krypton 1.2 The Next Step in Evolution 1.3 Change in History 1.4 Imprisonment 2 Powers and Abilities 2.1 Powers 3 Notes 4 Related 4.1 Footnotes The creature was unleashed onto Krypton, only to be repelled by Colonel Zod using an ancient Kryptonian warsuit (though Zod later. Krypton's Doomsday has received much praise for being a comic book accurate depiction of the character, particularly in regards to his design. While this version of his origin story wasn't pulled directly from the comics, there are some elements of the story that reflect what created Doomsday in the comics. Originally, Doomsday was a Kryptonian child from prehistoric times who was experimented.

The creature, labeled Doomsday, carved a path of destruction so devastating to Krypton that one of the planet's moons, Wegthor, was completely shattered. At some point Doomsday escaped Krypton and traveled to other planets during his long rampage, including the planet Cybertron. Astonished at the tremendous power of the vicious creature, the. Doomsday. In der 1994 erschienenen Miniserie Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey wurde die Herkunft des Monsters beleuchtet: Auf dem Planeten Krypton wollte der Genetiker Bertron ein nahezu perfektes Wesen erschaffen, das unter Ausnutzung der Evolution dem Tod trotzt. Das dabei letztlich erschaffene Monster vernichtete alle anderen Lebewesen. Lyta-Zod in attire for her Kandorian Duel with Quex-Ul. Questioning commander Quex-Ul on the need for a rankless initiative to smoke out Black Zero, Lyta eventually challenged him to Kandorian combat, to the horror of both Dev-Em and her mother.She was called by Seg, looking for advice, and she just told him to be true to himself. Dev eventually came around, assuring Lyta of herself Doomsday The Eradicator Kon-El Krypto Val-Zod: Publisher: DC Comics: Krypton is a fictional planet appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The planet is the native world of Superman and is named after the element Krypton. The planet was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, and was first referred to in Action Comics #1 (June 1938). The planet made its first full appearance.

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Adam Strange is a main character of Krypton portrayed by Shaun Sipos. 1 Character Overview 2 Personality 3 Story 4 Quotes 5 Relationships 6 References 7 Gallery 8 References Adam Strange is a D-list superhero from Detroit, Earth whose only superpower is his Zeta-Beam, a device that allows him to teleport across light years. He might have named it himself, but he did technically steal it from. Origins. Doomsday, dressed up and chained by the inhabitants of Catalan.. Thousands of years into Krypton's obscure past, long before the humanoid Kryptonian race managed to gain dominance over the planet, Doomsday was originally an infant humanoid, probably a Kryptonian; he was known at this point simply as baby.An alien scientist known as Bertron saw the environment of his home world Doomsday now looms over Krypton, and over any alliance forged between Zod, Seg and Lyta (no matter how unwise it may be). Now that Zod knows the location of Doomsday, he's bound to return to it, whether to save the planet he loves or to serve some other, far more nefarious purpose. And if blood of the House of El is required to open the vault once more, so be it. There's nothing that says it. It's unkillable... Calvin Swanwick Doomsday (b. November 13, 2015) (d. November 13, 2015) is the central antagonist of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He was a monstrous creaturecreated byLex Luthorin an attempt to killSuperman. 1 Biography 1.1 Early Origins 1.2 Birth on Earth 2 Appearance 3 Abilities 3.1 Weaknesses 4 Personality 5 Appearances 6 Trivia 7 External Links Thousands of years.

Doomsday was artificially created by Bertron, a mad scientist with no morals working on Krypton, Superman's home world, though neither he nor his creator were Kryptonian (this was done prior to humanoid life evolving on Krypton). Bertron wanted to create the ultimate lifeform. In order to do this, they sent a baby onto the surface of Krypton, where it would be killed by the harsh environment. Over time, Doomsday killed most of the creatures that lived on Krypton before escaping the planet. Doomsday's actions allowed a weaker race to survive and evolve. 9 The Religion Of Rao. Approximately a hundred thousand years ago, an evolved civilization began to grow on Krypton. These people, the Kryptonians, looked up to the sky and saw a red sun that they named Rao and worshipped. The. This Doomsday had attacked Krypton before its destruction with Zod sending the monster into the Phantom Zone. His first fight had him easily overpower New 52 Wonder Woman and break her arms before.

Doomsday est un antagoniste majeur de l'Univers DC.Il a été créé sur le Krypton préhistorique il y a des milliers d'années par un scientifique nommé Bertron en tant que super-soldat bio-mécanique et arme vivante de destruction massive.. Ce processus a impliqué le croisement par Bertron de la naissance artificielle d'un hybride kryptonien, laissé à lui-même dans les environnements Syfys Krypton ist möglicherweise auf dem Weg, eine eigene Version des klassischen Showdowns Superman vs. Doomsday zu kreieren. Die Rückkehr von Doomsday und eine mutige Entscheidung von Seg (Cameron Cuffe) in der letzten Folge könnten die Voraussetzungen für einen epischen Kampf zwischen den beiden Charakteren schaffen Zod! Brainiac! Doomsday! Lobo! Seg-El's enemies are closing in, and the future of his home planet of Krypton has been stolen. Join the fight to take it back when Krypton returns to SYFY on June 12. What if Superman never existed? Set two generations before the destruction of Superman's home planet, KRYPTON follows Seg-El (Cameron.

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Doomsday is net als Superman afkomstig van de planeet Krypton. Hier werd hij gemaakt als een kunstmatig wezen. De menselijke Kryptonianen waren toen nog niet de dominante soort op de planeet. Krypton was in de tijd dat Doomsday werd gemaakt nog een wrede harde wereld waarin alleen de sterksten overleefden. Doomsdays schepper was een mysterieuze alien genaamd Bertron, die de ultieme levensvorm. Doomsday | DC. A weapon crafted in the most extreme conditions imaginable, Doomsday is an ultimate and unstoppable force of destruction and devastation. Long ago, scientists on the planet Krypton engineered a creature to be the ultimate weapon. This creature, the Ultimate, had no purpose except destruction, and made his way across other planets.

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  1. Doomsday a été créé sur Krypton, d'une manière artificielle par un savant fou. Le monstre soumis à de cruelles et terribles expériences - tué et cloné des milliers de fois - ce processus lui a permis d'adapter ses défenses naturelles contre tout. Grâce à cette sorte d'évolution rapide, Doomsday est devenu un être redoutable, indestructible, plein de violence et de mort.
  2. Doomsday's father was an emotionless alien named Bertron, a geneticist who arrived on Krypton several hundred thousand years ago when lethal and deadly monsters roamed the world. He was obsessed.
  3. Measuring a monstrous 26.5 tall, the Doomsday Maquette is the ultimate fearsome foe, created from the violence of prehistoric Krypton. Doomsday stands astride a rubble environment base littered with relics from the valiant heroes who have fallen in his wake
  4. [#SXSW] Krypton: Doomsday, Time Travel, and More [#SXSW] Krypton: Doomsday, Time Travel, and More. Posted on March 10, 2018 by Mary Anne Butler | Comments. SYFY's new Superman prequel series.

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  1. Doomsday est un super-vilain appartenant à l'univers de DC Comics. Il est apparu pour la première fois dans Superman: The Man of Steel #17 en novembre 1992. C'est un ennemi de Superman, il est connu pour l'avoir tué dans Superman #75 : La Mort de Superman publié en janvier 1993, et plus récemment dans le long-métrage Batman V Superman : L'Aube de la Justice. Origine. Doomsday a été.
  2. Doomsday was created on prehistoric Krypton thousands of years ago by a scientist named Bertron as a bio-mechanical super-soldier and living weapon of mass destruction. This process involved Bertron cross-breeding the artificial birth of a Kryptonian hybrid, left to fend for itself in the more harshest environments of the Kryptonian wilderness with creature killed and its genetic material.
  3. The Kryptonian Law Council, also known as the Council of Krypton, was a council formed of select individuals from the five Guilds to function as oversight for the planet Krypton. 1 History 1.1 Origins and Early Years 1.2 The Final Days 2 Known Members 3 Appearances 4 Trivia The Law Council was formed thousands of years ago to preside over the citizens of Krypton and put laws into action. At.
  4. The Cyborg deals these to both the Last Son of Krypton and Superboy. Doomsday's fight with the Justice League was this as well. And this isn't counting Doomsday's encounter with Blue Beetle. Supergirl's fight with Doomsday is even shorter than Blue Beetle's. The Dark Age of Comic Books: The quote in that page even highlights this series. Not only is it a dark comic featuring a classic hero.
  5. SYFY's Superman prequel-series-with-a-time-twist 'Krypton' unleashed a season 2 teaser that intorduced The Bad Guys: Zod, Brainiac, Doomsday, and Lobo
  6. The Kryptonians are a critically endangered humanoid species from the now destroyed planet Krypton. Superman and Supergirl are the last of the Kryptonians. They are the natural enemies of the Dheronian species as every 20 years they were at war for each other's treasures.1 1 Appearance 2 Powers & Abilities 2.1 Yellow Sun Abilities 2.2 Pulsar & Quasar Abilities 2.3 Earth-3 3 Weaknesses 3.1.

Weitere Informationen zu diesem Video: «Krypton: Doomsday-Trailer zu Staffel 2» wurde in unsere Datenbank mit Serientrailer am Donnerstag, den 21. März 2019 um 12:12 Uhr hinzugefügt Created by David S. Goyer, David S. Goyer, Damian Kindler. With Cameron Cuffe, Georgina Campbell, Shaun Sipos, Ann Ogbomo. The untold story of Superman's grandfather as he fights for justice on his home planet Description. Description. Created in 1938 by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, and considered by many to be the first superhero, Superman is Kal-El, the last child of the planet Krypton. Sent to Earth as a baby, he was found by a couple of farmers, who created him and as an adult took on the identity of reporter Clark Kent

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Doomsday is a character that's had a long tenure on the page. The evil being of destruction and rage goes back to prehistoric times on Krypton, where the living weapon was called The Ultimate Superman Doomsday Destruction. 100% authentic, officially licensed Superman Tee alien baby sent Truth and Justice. Shirt! Superman was the dying planet. Superlux E Krypton . Amazon Basics E27. 0,29/kWh; diese Werte Mit einer Helligkeit Mit einer Preis von € Atmosphäre in jedem Leuchtdauer von 3 jährlichen Stromkosten und Lumen; keine Wartezeit so eine wohlige variieren) Hohe Farbwiedergabe. Doomsday was created on a prehistoric Krypton thousands of years ago by a scientist named Bertron as a bio-mechanical super-soldier and living weapon of mass destruction. This process involved Bertron cross-breeding the artificial birth of a Kryptonian hybrid, left to fend for itself in the more harshest environments of the Kryptonian wilderness with creature killed and its genetic material.

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Entdecken Sie Doomsday von Chrispy, Krypton bei Amazon Music. Werbefrei streamen oder als CD und MP3 kaufen bei Amazon.de Doomsday is coming for Krypton.DC Entertainment chief creative officer Geoff Johns confirmed during a panel today at Comic-Con International: San Diego that the monstrous DC Comics villain known. Krypton | Doomsday's Origin Story. 01:00. It's not a bird. It's not a plane. It's Doomsday. Get a glimpse of his origin story before the big reveal in the next episode of Krypton, Wednesday, July 24 at 10/9c only on SYFY. Backstage & Interviews Doomsday, Lobo, Brainiac, and General Zod are all here to make life on Krypton harder in the new season, and the beast that killed Superman is getting its most comics-accurate depiction onscreen. Doomsday. Davis Bloome/Doomsday was created on Krypton as the ultimate weapon. General Zod and Faora created him from their DNA, as well as the mixed DNA of several other creatures and lifeforms native to Krypton. When Davis first hatched from the egg he had been growing inside of, he emerged as a thick liquid, which later molded into his Kryptonian-camouflage appearance. However, the combined.

Doomsday possède une force presque illimitée. Il peut soulever des planètes, des univers, même des multivers, sans suer une seule goutte. L'absence de sueur compense légèrement le manque de grâce. Il est aussi presque invulnérable et absorbe les coups de ses adversaires. Plus on le frappe, plus il est puissant Doomsday was created on the planet Krypton through genetic engineering, by combining the DNA of the planet's strongest and most violent creatures with the DNA of the Kryptonian warlord Zod and his wife Faora. Zod and Faora attached the genetic matter of their son to Kal-El's ship sometime before it left Krypton. A young boy is formed from genetic matter. When Kal-El's ship landed on Earth in. Ever since Doomsday's initial creation, the Council of Krypton strictly forbade the creation of such a hateful deformity again. When advised of this protocol by a Kryptonian service android of Scout Ship 0344 , Lex Luthor ignored its warning while creating his own deformity , decades after Krypton 's destruction and the end of the Council's ruling, in order to kill the godlike Kryptonian. Doomsday is a genetically-manipulated creature bred by the alien scientist Bertron to create the perfect living being. His sole reason for existence: to extinguish all other life. Hugely strong and agile, Doomsday is covered with vicious bony spurs that can rend even Superman's skin. His endurance makes him almost impossible to kill, and he is constantly evolving between, and sometimes during.

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Doomsday arrives on New Krypton. Back at New Krypton some Kryptonian scientists inform Cancellor Pa-Vel that energy is spinning across the worldship. Suddenly the citizents hear a loud noise. Then the Cancellor states that it has began. Meanwhile Cosmic Boy has gathered all the members of the Legion so they can stop the upcoming war. Kara fights Clark. In the Amazon forest, outside Faora's. Doomsday es un ser de origen desconocido y que solo era conocido como una leyenda kryptoniana. Con el tiempo la leyenda se convirtió en realidad y Doomsday apareció en Krypton para arrasar el planeta. Sin embargo, fue detenido por el Coronel Zod usando un antiguo traje de guerra kryptoniano

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  1. Krypton's version of Doomsday is by far the most comic book accurate portrayal of the fan-favorite villain to date. Described as an unkillable weapon, Doomsday is an ancient creature created by scientists from the Zod and El families. When Doomsday was first introduced on the show, he was locked away in suspended animation. Adam Strange warned everyone of the dangers of unleashing Doomsday.
  2. Doomsday hat in der Folge bewiesen, dass der Tod ihn nicht aufhält, sondern er jedes Mal noch widerstandsfähiger wird, denn jede Todesursache ist für ihn nur einmal tödlich. In der Serie Smallville hat Doomsday ein menschliches (kryptonisches) Alter Ego Davis Bloom und ist der Sohn von Faora und General Zod und gelangte wie Kal-El während des Meteoritenschauers von Krypton zur Erde.
  3. One other change came when the series turned Doomsday into something meant to be Krypton's protector, only for Zod to weaponize him 1,000 cycles later as the ultimate destroyer against the rebellion led by Seg, his grandad Val-El and Zod's mom, Lyta. However, in the Season 2 finale The Alpha and the Omega, Doomsday may have gotten a very unlikely shot at redemption. Doomsday.
  4. Much like Krypton's versions of Zod, Brainiac, Lobo, and Doomsday, the show's take on Black Mercy is a comic book-accurate interpretation.Debuting in Superman Annual #11 in 1985, Black Mercy feeds on a person's psychic energy by trapping them in a dream. While in this dream, the victim lives what they believe to be the perfect life. Like Lyta in Krypton, the victim has to discover the ruse.

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Zod! Brainiac! Doomsday! Lobo! Seg-El's enemies are closing in, and the future of his home planet of Krypton has been stolen. Join the fight to take it back when Krypton returns to SYFY on June 12 Tonight on Krypton, fans got their first look at the series' take on Doomsday in 'Civil Wars.'Doomsday, the monster that killed Superman, has become one of the most popular villains in the last. Krypton | Doomsday Is Coming. Krypton. May 27, 2019 · We're not scared. You're scared. Doomsday is back in Krypton Season 2, premiering June 12 on SYFY. Related Videos.

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Krypton, one of my favorite shows from last year returns in June, with SYFY teasing Lobo, Doomsday, Brainiac, Zod and Seg-El, the grandfather to Superman, in a series of motion posters.. The Seg-El poster teases, The Good, the Zod poster, The Bad, Brainiac The Badder, with Doomsday as The Baddest, and Lobo as The Bastich Doomsday: Chrispy & Krypton: 5:03: 2: Team Killer: Chrispy & Krypton: 5:59: 30sec audio samples provided by . External Links Discogs Spotify ArtistInfo App ArtistInfo for iOS and ArtistInfo for Mac are presenting musicians, composers and producers that are envolved in the musical work that you are listening to in Apple Music, iTunes, or Spotify. Discover new music via the network among artists. 'Krypton' Season 2: Zod, Brainiac, and Doomsday Make It a Bad Day to Be A Hero [PREVIEW

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Biography. At some point, Doomsday faced Superman but the latter ended up victorious, though the battle wasn't easy.. Appearances Supergirl Season 5 Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One (mentioned) Behind the scenes. In the comics, Doomsday was the product of a Kryptonian genetic experiment created by an ancient Kryptonian scientist named Bertron during the Last War of Krypton, producing a. Hulk. Doomsday (Krypton) (Krypton) 1 wins (100%) 0 (0%) 0 wins (0%) Hulk Bruce Banner Earth-616. 159K. power stats. SHDb Krypton | Behind the Scenes with Doomsday. Krypton posted a video to playlist The Villains of Krypton. May 14, 2019 · Doomsday isn't as bad as he seems. He's so much worse. Related Videos.

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Doomsday è un personaggio dei fumetti pubblicati dalla DC Comics, creato da Dan Jurgens nel 1992. Chiamato anche La creatura dell'Armageddon e Colui che porta all'estinzione, Doomsday è uno dei più potenti supercriminali dell'universo DC divenuto celebre per aver ucciso Superman durante la saga intitolata proprio La morte di Superman. È stato inserito al quarantaseiesimo posto nella. This is Doomsday from the Krypton Series. Figured he could use a RT. This is S1 and S2 (S3 was cancelled: lack of viewership). Recently just finished the show and figured why not . . Smallville ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die auf der Comicfigur Superman basiert und von 2001 bis 2011 produziert wurde.. Die Serienkonzeption sieht die Erzählung der Jugendjahre des Helden vor, der als Clark Kent in der fiktiven Kleinstadt Smallville in Kansas aufwächst und sich erst im Verlauf der Serie seiner Fähigkeiten, Herkunft und Berufung bewusst wird Biệt danh: Doomsday. Vào khoảng 250.000 năm trước, một nhà khoa học người ngoài hành tinh tên là Bertron muốn tạo nên những sinh vật có thể sống ở mọi điều kiện khí hậu. Ông chọn Krypton thời tiền sử làm phòng thí nghiệm vì Krypton thuở sơ khai rất khắc nghiệt, chỉ có.

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Doomsday does his fair share of rampaging, and he is brutal, but there's a war that's taking place, essentially, for Krypton. He becomes an important strategic player in that role. He becomes. With Krypton's leadership in disarray, Seg must balance the quest to redeem his family's honor and protect the ones he loves while being challenged by legendary DC villains Doomsday, Brainiac and Lobo. CAST. Cameron Cuffe (Florence Foster Jenkins, The Halcyon) Georgina Campbell (Murdered by My Boyfriend) Shaun Sipos (Melrose Place, Life Unexpected

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