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Huge Selection on Second Hand Books. Low Prices & Free Delivery. Start Shopping! World of Books is one of the largest online sellers of second-hand books in the worl Find Your Favorite Movies & Shows On Demand. Your Personal Streaming Guide. Watch Movies Online. Full Movies, Reviews & News. Watch Movies Instantly Heads or Tails is a common auction game. Here are a few more ideas to spark your imagination: Jewelry Box Game Get a local jewelry store to donate a nice necklace and earrings. Display it surrounded by 100 small, beautifully-decorated boxes. Guests purchase a box for a chance at winning the jewelry. Have the unveiling later in the auction, so othe FlipSimu is a heads or tails coin flip simulator. You can flip a coin virtually as if flipping a real coin. The objective of FlipSimu is to help you in decision making. Before flipping a coin, you can decide what decision to be made when either of the heads or tails is selected. Sometimes it is hard to get a coin for doing the coin flip. As an alternative, our team has developed the FlipSimu for everyone to easy access and flip a coin online

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Why not try a quick game of Heads or Tails. It is a simple fundraising idea, easy to manage and all guests can participate. All you need is a two-sided coin, an energetic presenter, a willing audience and a prize for the winner. Heads or Tails is a perfect revenue boost for events where your audience is seated. However, it can be adapted to fit most gatherings. We recommend playing it towards the beginning of your program after the introductions, but before the main event; e.g. live auction. This game is played with 2 decks of cards. First, 2 rows of 8 cards each are dealt as the start of 16 tableau piles. The cards on top are called the head piles and the piles on the bottom are called the tail piles. Next, another row of cards are dealt between the two rows, this row has 8 piles of cards and each pile has 11 cards, these are the reserve cards. The goal is to move all the cards to 8 foundation piles, where 4 of them are built up from A to K with cards of the same suit, while. Made with Pokémon Essentials v16.2. Pokémon Heads & Tails is a spanish, superhero-themed Pokémon Fan Game developed during the summer of 2017 and 2018. Launched originally only in spanish, the game has been recently translated to english Mahoutsukai's was the only route who received a huge improvement from the first game. Kaguya, Gretel and Cinderella felt like they were watered down compared to the first game. Then you have the issue with the 2 new routes weren't new routes at all. They were basically supplemental routes to the first game. You saw the entire first game from the point of view of either Ookami or Ryoshi. That means a lot of the scenario was repetitive since the events were identical and. Coin flipping, coin tossing, or head or tail is the practice of throwing a coin in the air and checking which side is showing when it lands, in order to choose between two alternatives, heads or tails, sometimes used to resolve a dispute between two parties. It is a form of sortition which inherently has two possible outcomes. The party who calls the side that the coin lands on wins

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Don't knock the traditional activities like Wall of Wine or Heads and Tails, just add your own flare. A Heads and Tails game isn't your usual raffle; it's a fun, novel way to engage event guests who might otherwise be hesitant to participate and bid in the live auction. It operates the same way as a standard raffle, but with a twist! Pick Your Prize First, select an item for your raffle that will appeal t Heads and tails is a game of chance that is great for a couple reasons. 1. You will make money! 2. It is a great way to get everyone's attention before the program begins or give them a motivation to stay around until the end (depending on when you decide to play) One of the more unique elements of Heads & Tails is a fight club mini game, where trainers can battle against martial artists using their Pokémon. It's a neat idea. Considering the outward arrogance shown by many UFC fighters and Boxers, it isn't that far-fetched to imagine someone likes Connor McGregor thinking they can take on a Pokémon Heads or Tails and the history. The game of Heads or Tails has an exciting and checkered history. Throughout the ages, flip a coin game was used to decide who goes to jail or not, to others it meant a life or death outcome. The history books would be somewhat different without the influence of the simple game of chance, Heads or Tails. The historical origin of the game is the interpretation of.

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I really like this game. My son just turned 2 a few months ago and he really likes it. It seems that he will probably get a good year of use out of it at least. At his current age, he gets overwhelmed with how many pieces there are, so at first I would pick one head (or tail) and give him three tails (or heads) and he was able to choose the correct piece. Now, a month later, I give him 3 heads. Heads and Tails . Two coins are thrown by the organiser. The three possible (but not equally likely) outcomes are 2 heads, 2 tails and a head and a tail. Players place their two hands on their heads, two hands on their bottom or one hand on their head and one hand on their bottom signifying that they are betting on the outcome being 2 heads, 2 tails or a head and a tail respectively. Those players guessing incorrectly are eliminated and the game continues until one person is left.

ULTIMATE HEADS or TAILS? Coin Toss Challenge! - YouTube Easter Egg Heads or Tails Yoga Fun is an engaging activity to get your students up and moving! This is a great way to practice yoga and basic body core skills. The kids like the variety and really work hard with this game. Your students will quickly show mastery on heads and tails while at the sam This colorful, farmyard themed game can be played both as a single player pairing activity or a memory game. Young players can start by turning all the farm cards picture side up and try to match the heads with tails. For more advanced gameplay turn the cards picture side down and play as a matching and memory game. Children can also develop their math skills by counting their pairs at the end of the game. Featuring twelve friendly farm characters and objects to match, Farmyard. Heads and Tails. Form a triangle with three small pins. Each pin has two ends. One is blunt, the other is pointed. The blunt end is known as the head, the pointed one is the tail. At a vertex of the triangle where two pins meet, they may meet either head to head, or head to tail, or tail to tail. There are just three possible vertex.

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  1. A game of life and death Direction: Hareesh Nambiar Produced By: Kappo Media & Prasanna Reddy Story, screenplay & dialogues: R Vysakh Chandran DOP:Midhun K... Heads and Tails February 20, 2018
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  3. ⚡️ Lightning people are dog people ⚡️ Cheer on the Lightning tonight in game five with your best furry friend. # lightning # mansbestfriend # game5 # tampa # champabay Heads and Tails is at Davis Island Beach & Yacht Club

Looks like the definition of the standard deviation, doesn't it? Up to now I've talked about heads and tails games and binomial distributions. As explained, the binomial coefficients allow you to calculate the distribution of such games, as illustrated by the Scilab simulation earlier. The downside is that such coefficients are very complex to calculate when the number of trials is high. Heads or Tails offers a beautiful set of large coins. There are 3 games: Game 1: 3D Toss Flip a 3D coin, track your flips, make decisions, relax, have fun! Game 2: Coin Drop Drop a coin on to the X. Game 3: Shove Penny (Shove ha'penny) Slide the coin by swiping. Red is the computer. The first to claim five goals wins the match. New in this version Definition of heads and tails in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of heads and tails. What does heads and tails mean? Information and translations of heads and tails in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web

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  1. e who gets to pick a movie for the night, for example, one person will call heads or tails, and a coin will be flipped. If that person calls heads, and the.
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  3. Blindfold games are fun. Kids love blindfold games because they are completely different from the other fun games they play. They often involve players bumping into objects and other funny moments, which will have your children laughing their heads off. The Best Blindfold Games For Kids 1. Pin The Tail On The Donke
  4. It is also commonly referred to as the heads and tails games. It is commonly used in professional games and among friends just for fun. For example, in cricket matches, the captains of the opposing team supervised and managed by the umpire of the game, decide who is going to bat first or field first depending upon the outcome of this game. It is famous worldwide and used in many situations.
  5. If he or she throws 'heads', the other player asks the first question from the first category ('Missing Word') in his or her higher-level set. If it is 'tails', the player asks the first 'Missing Word' question in his or her lower-level set. If the first player answers correctly, he or she ticks the 'Missing Word' box under 'Game 1' on his or her scoring table. If the answer is not correct.

Heads or Tails is a simple form of decision support. You throw a coin, catch it and look which side is up. It's either heads or tails. Before the coin toss you are asked whether you bet on heads or tails. After that, the coin is thrown. The probabilities are 50%. With the random generator you can play heads or tails online. Heads or Tails is often used in sports, for example, in football or. Heads or Tails - Animated with sound! It's so rare to see a first person BJ, let alone a 3D one. I love this! Please do more like this with the other dragons! >w< Shrektopus 2020-03-03 20:55:12 *pop* Credits & Info. crittermatic. Author. Views 19,726 Faves: 129 Votes 356 Score 3.45 / 5.00 . Uploaded Mar 2, 2020 2:15 PM EST. Genre Other. Tags. 3d; anal; anthro; crittermatic; feral; furry. 84 Days. 1. April 6th, 2021 at 4:02 AM , since edited. Made with Pokémon Essentials v16.2. Pokémon Heads & Tails is a spanish, superhero-themed Pokémon Fan Game developed during the summer of 2017 and 2018. Launched originally only in spanish, the game has been recently translated to english KBH Games is a gaming portal website where you can Free Online Games. We have a large collection of high quality free online games from reputable game makers and indie game developers. We offer easy solution for developers to share their games. We have a fast and easy website that makes finding and playing new games easy and hassle-free. Start browsing our site and see what fun games you'll.

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This page is about the various possible words that rhymes or sounds like heads and tails. Use it for writing poetry, composing lyrics for your song or coming up with rap verses. Heads and Tails is a solitaire card game which uses two decks of playing cards. It is mostly based on luck. First, a row of eight cards are dealt; this is the Heads row. Then 8 piles of 11 cards are dealt; this is. This game program illustrates the use of Random class and enumerators in Java. The program asks the user to guess the coin toss and then compares the value with the actual coin toss result. Coin toss program runs the game in an infinite loop until the user decides to quit by entering q. import java.util.Random; import java.util.Scanner Two-up is a traditional Australian gambling game, involving a designated spinner throwing two coins or pennies into the air.Players bet on whether the coins will fall with both heads (obverse) up, both tails (reverse) up, or with one coin a head and one a tail (known as Ewan)

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Heads or Tails Game. Posted by Jeremy Mavis Jan 3, 2013 Mar 6, 2016. How to Play the Heads or Tails Game. The only supply you need is a coin, and possibly a prize for the winner. Prior to flipping the coin, the students choose either HEADS or TAILS. They choose HEADS by placing their hands on their heads, or they choose TAILS by placing their hands on their rear-end. Then you. Heads - Heads = .45 x .45 = .2025. So, the probability of the double toss being even is .3025 + .2025 = .505 or 50.5%. The probability of the double toss being odd is .2475 + .2475 = .495 or 49.5%. You can see that the advantage to tails is much reduced, but it has been replaced with a sure advantage to an even call

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Heads and Tails by John Canty follow the child reader's curiosity and want to guess enthusiasm. The book gives descriptions of animals and illustrations of the animals' tails to allow the child to guess the animal. Then the following page connects the tail to a head. This guessing game allows the child to anticipate what is to come Orchard Toys prides itself on striking the right balance between learning and fun, and this first game does exactly that. My two grandsons (now 2 and 3) have had hours of fun playing this, first simply spreading all the cards out on the floor and seeing who can find the most matching heads and tails, then progressing to placing them face down and playing a game of memory ALEX Discover heads & tails Let's your little party animal become one of three adorable creatures. Everything a kid needs to create a hat and tail of a Bee, owl and fox, are included in this kit. By following step-by-step instructions, young minds develop fine motor skills and learn the logic of sequential thinking, but don't tell them that they just think they're having fun! includes a chunky.

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Heads Talk Tails Walk™. A Game of Silly Sounds and Movement. Featured in Good Housekeeping Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award Can you hop like a frog while clucking like a chicken? Have a blast trying with this delightfully silly game for ages 3+. Players try to match hidden head tiles to the correct body tiles They have an artifact rather like a bone coin, which has shown strange powers before, and decide to flip it as they have really no other alternative — heads this way, tails that way. It flies off through the air, and they chase it instead. In The Wheel of Time books, Mat, and sometimes Rand, uses this method to make decisions

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So I wrote this code for a Heads or Tails style game. It originally worked, but then I decided to add a few features, and it busted. Basically, it gets to the end, but is stuck on the last input (Y/N). Could someone show me what I'm doing wrong? Sorry for the lack of commenting. I also am aware my variables don't quite follow conventions, so sorry for that too. Thanks. java. Share. Follow. Assuming we ignore green (0 and 00) - which in a real game is what gives the casino its edge of 5.26% - the answer is A. The scenario you cite is exactly the same as flipping a fair two-sided coin. The odds of a heads (red) or tails (black) are exactly 50% each flip (spin). It does not matter if one of the results has occurred once or 1,000. Provably fair heads and tails game. STEP 1. Send your bet amount to bitcoin wallet, corresponding to your bet: heads or tails. (min 0.01 BTC, max 2 BTC) STEP 2. Our provably fair hand will toss a coin. STEP 3. If coin side is same as your bet, you win and instantly receive your bet multiple 1.96 back to your wallet, else we pay you your bet multiple 0.005!! RECENT BETS: abcdef: won : 0.500. It is not always easy to decide what is heads and tails on a given coin. Numismatics (the scientific study of money) defines the obverse and reverse of a coin rather than heads and tails. The obverse (principal side) of a coin typically features a symbol intended to be evocative of stately power, such as the head of a monarch or well-known state representative

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Seems like this idea is shoe-horned in to justify the new Jade wisp instead of making actual new levels/areas dedicated to that wisp. I don't think the reward for getting all these medals and Tails Heads will be anything substantial, maybe a Tails costume at best colour me surprised if Tails does become a playable character but he won't function as anything more than a cosmetic feature In the question above if we observe then there is a pattern that if initially, all the coins are facing towards head direction then the total number of heads after N rounds will be the floor value of (n / 2) and tails will be the cell value of (n / 2).; Otherwise, if all the coins are facing towards tail direction then a total number of tails after N rounds will be a floor value of (n / 2) and. 11. Man Dundes, Heads or Tails: A Psychoanalytic Study of Potlatch, The Journal of Psychological Anthropology 2(1979): 395-424. 1 would extend Dundes' brilliant analysis of potlatch anality to include other levels of poisons. fetal (blood) oral and genital. 12. Main Testart, Game Sharing Systems and Kinship Systems Among Hunter. Created in partnership with the University of Iceland, the course explores The Friendship Machine, or the science behind how people forge meaningful relationships and how video games have created a new type of human connection.The course is now available on edX.org and includes the first three weeks free for anyone who would like to register ‎The craft of distilling involves making cuts: the heads, the hearts, and the tails. You have the hearts in your glass, so we are going to bring you everything else. Each month, Heads + Tails serves up interviews, discussion, and news from the world of spirits that aims to broaden your knowledge of

Geno Smith called tails, ref said you called heads, Geno *calmly* waits for outcome of toss, steals heads win, jogs to sideline with his second straight W like the coin toss god he is. Mix and match heads and tails in the Orchard Toys Farmyard Heads and Tails Game. The 24 chunky cards make up 12 colourful farmyard friends, sized just right for little hands to puzzle together. Matching Game. Match the cards to see a farmer, tractor, pig, sheep, cow, goat, duck, mouse, cat, horse, sheep and a chicken I don't think tails has anything directly to do with what is on the other side of the coin, but rather it is an expression of opposites: the head is at one end of spinal column, the tail at the other (think 'dog' nose to tail are opposites, rather than head and feet). The expression can't make head nor tail of it expresses this concept of opposites, and may be where heads or tails comes from New study shows how guessing heads or tails isn't really a 50-50 game. By Daily Mail Reporter. Published: 12:59 EDT, 2 December 2012 | Updated: 13:00 EDT, 2 December 2012 [headerlinks . You don. Read customer reviews & Find best sellers. Free delivery on eligible orders

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They can then re-join the game, trying to capture a new tail from another player. Play ends after a specified time period or when one child captures all of the tails. We thought you might also like: Check out the other games in the Games for Kids series Christie Burnett is a teacher, presenter, writer and the mother of two. She created Childhood 101 as a place for teachers and parents to. To start the game, seven players go to the front and the teacher says, Heads down, thumbs up! Everyone still at their desk puts their head down, extends an arm and stucks their thumb up. The.

Heads Bodies and Legs is a picture pencil and paper game for two or more players. Heads Bodies and Legs. Players: Two or more - Also known as: Picture Consequences. Players take turns in drawing a head, a body, and a pair of legs, without letting the other player see them. The point of the game is the fun of seeing the resulting pictures. Description. Each player starts with a small piece of. The first sequence is too hot. It contains 16 heads followed by 14 tails. I would not expect such long sequences of heads and tails. Similarly, the second sequence is too cold. It alternates between heads and tails like clockwork. The third sequence is just right. It matches my intuitive notion of a random sequence of two categories: many. That's a 37.5% chance of tossing a combination of 2 heads and 2 tails, which is far greater than the probability of tossing all heads or all tails (which remains 6.25% each since there is only. I understand that the game is 50% when it starts, but after flipping one heads, what is the probability to win the game. Stack Exchange Network Stack Exchange network consists of 177 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow , the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers There are two branches (Heads and Tails) The probability of Head, Head is 0.5×0.5 = 0.25; All probabilities add to 1.0 (which is always a good check) The probability of getting at least one Head from two tosses is 0.25+0.25+0.25 = 0.75... and more . That was a simple example using independent events (each toss of a coin is independent of the previous toss), but tree diagrams are.

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In the history of minting, heads on the obverse and tails on the reverse have emerged as the two sides shown on coins which serve as legal tender. Although the details on each side differ at first sight, they are closely related. To coin a well-known expression, heads and tails are literally two sides of the same coin Decorations can only be maded by your colonist.You can't get it from traders or raiders. Head decoration will display with hat.If you don't like,use some mods to hide pawn's hat or just take off your hat. Fox tail (curled) may look a little strange on the sides and back when used with some hairstyle mods F = Fair coin C = Cheat coin Possibilities: Fair coin - Heads Fair coin - Tails Cheat coin - Heads Cheat coin - Heads If you get a heads that means you eliminate the possibility of Fair coin - Tails. There are three remaining possible outcomes (Fair coin - Heads, Cheat coin - Heads, and Cheat coin - Heads). Or in other words, a 2/3 probability you chose the cheat coin Maneater is an open-world indie title by developer Tripwire. During your journey to become the biggest-baddest shark in the sea, you will unlock various upgrades, called evolution. These evolutions enhance the ability of the shark, as well as let you use special ability. Let's take a look at all the evolution types and it's benefit.. Coin Flip - Heads or Tails is great and free solution to your daily troubles! Play with the beautifully animated and modeled coins. Touch them, flip them, take care of them! Some scientists say that tossing the coin is the greatest way to kill the overkelming boredom! - Coin Flip! - Natural, gorgeous 3D animations with shadows

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Heads or Tails has a thrilling and varied history. For centuries the flip a coin game has been used to determine who goes to prison or not, for others it is the result of life or death. History books would be a little different without the effect of simple gambling. The chronological basis of the game is the explanation of the random outcome of a coin toss as a manifestation of the sacred or. Full Song - Heads or Tails? Real or Not Facebook Like Button This add-on works with: Rock Band 2. 4.25 out of 5 stars from 60050 reviews 60,050. 8/6/2010. Rock Band 3 . 4.25 out of 5 stars from 27700 reviews 27,700. 8/11/2010. Rock Band Blitz. 3.5 out of 5 stars from 13077 reviews 13,077. 8/29/2012. Rock Band Music Store. 3.75 out of 5 stars from 20351 reviews 20,351. 2/3/2010. The Rock Band. Java Program to Toss a Coin. Let's say we have a coin and 10 chances. Here, we will first initialize the values for head, tail and chances −. Now, we will get the head and tail values using the Random object −. Above, the function chanceFunc () is having Random class with the nextInt () method to get the next random value Heads I Win Tails you Lose has rarely been this cool. In the Rise of A Ninja and The Broken Bond games, the player is also forced to follow the storyline of the anime regardless of their actual performance in the game which leads to losses you can't avoid. It can be annoying to get trash-talked by your opponent in an animated cutscene after. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Orchard Toys Jungle Heads and Tails Game at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

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The two heads on the splitting distant has a 'main' head and a 'side' head. The side head is offset and lower than the main head and this is because it is not the main route. The different combinations that you could get at this splitting distant signal is as follows: Left head: unlit; Main head: Red Definition of heads or tails in the Idioms Dictionary. heads or tails phrase. What does heads or tails expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. What does heads or tails expression mean

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The participants were then led to a page where a simulated coin tied to a randomizing algorithm was flipped and came up either heads or tails. 6 Subjects were reminded of what action the coin toss directed them to take, and if the coin toss said to make a change, they were encouraged to make that change within the next two months. In those cases where the coin toss said don't make a change. This stops the game after an odd number of turns (9) to ensure there is no tie. if the heads_wins.length is longer than tails_wins.length, score() evaluates HEADS as the winner. And if tails_wins.length is larger, then TAILS is the winner. Then there is another method that prints the winner, aptly named print_winner() Heads or Tails is a Wasteland 3 Secondary Mission that is automatically given upon exploring Colorado. This Walkthrough will provide some Tips and Tricks fo The Jackalope is a mythical animal in North American folklore. The avatar was first shown off in Feral's first official trailer on June 26th, 2020, and was later released in-game on June 30th of that same year. It was formerly available through purchasing the game's Premium Season Pass, and can now be purchased in the Astral Shop. Shrewd. Demure. Nimble. The Jackalope is a rabbit-like avatar. Do you like Oreos and are indecisive or have a Two-Face complex? Then the fine folks at Nabisco has got you covered with Heads or Tail Oreos. Each cookie has two easily discernible sides consisting of one regular chocolate-flavored Oreo half and one Golden vanilla-flavor Oreo half sandwiching a double helping of white frosted filling. They retail for around $2.99 for a 15.25-ounce package with.

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Yes, that should work, but it doesn't seem like a clean solution (not that I currently have one). Another non-clean solution is to just remove the ellipse command and get tikz to draw an arc the entire perimeter of the ellipse, but I'd like to know a general solution to my problem of drawing arrow heads. - bryn Aug 7 '10 at 9:5 As a class, or in teams, discuss what the Heads or tails program will do, then design the program as a flowchart. Effective designs may vary, for example, the program might toss the coin first, then ask the user for their guess. Here is one solution: Image: Flowchart for Heads or tails game And just like the Nightcrawler tail, this one changes color according to your Sim's skin. So your Sim can be a green-skinned, red-skinned, or gray-skinned half-dragon humanoid without needing to switch out tails or enter CAS again to change the color swatch. The tail looks pretty cool with fantasy skin colors. But be warned: if your Sim's skin is a normal flesh-y tone, the tail ends up.

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Friday Night Lights: Chapter 13: Heads or Tails. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Friday Night Lights, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. In a short chapter, Bissinger describes the end of the Panthers' regular season. Permian beats San Angelo to achieve a 7-2 record, finishing in a threeway tie in. Interview question for Software Engineer in Cupertino, CA.You have a 100 coins laying flat on a table, each with a head side and a tail side. 10 of them are heads up, 90 are tails up. You can't feel, see or in any other way find out which side is up. Split the coins into two piles such that there are the same number of heads in each pile I would really like my Oreo Double Stuff Heads or Tails cookies if you hadn't put 3 packages of them in the same box as 20 lbs. of cat sand and 20 more lbs. of cat food cans. Cookie crumbs are all that was left. Extremely poor packing - would it have been to thought provoking to use a separate box for the cookies? NO MORE WALMART ORDERS

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Think Fun Heads Talk Tails Walk Game Features: The Heads Talk Tails Walk game also helps work on memory skills, and will have children really concentrating when the have to walk like one animal but talk like another. We thoroughly recommend this game to get children moving, using big muscles for vestibular input indoors or outdoors Let's use a neat little trick to make our lives easier. Instead of moving one tail element after another, we will simply move the last tail element into the gap like here: step 1: ooox // snake didn't move yet. step 2: ooo x // head moved to the right. step 3: ooox // last tail element moved into the gap The Triple Stryke's head is quite similar to that of a shark or a ceratopsian dinosaur. The Triple Stryke slightly resembles Gliscor from the Pokémon franchise, because they both have wings, ear like appendages and scorpion-like pincers and tail. In the game Dragon Vale, the Poison Dragon also has three tails with stingers on each tip. Reference A 2016-02-12: Like a dog with two tails - he or A 2016-02-12:-- dog with two tails. A 2014-05-04: Thank you very much - I couldn't m... F 2012-07-19: Heads I win, tails you lose. A 2012-01-24: heads or tails A 2009-12-10: I know it as slugs and snails and... A 2009-12-10: Last.. snips and snails and puppy F 2009-12-03: rats' tails A 2009-06-08: coat tails > Frack-, Rockschöße \. The Shinigami is an Avatar in Feral. It was released on January 12th, 2021, and was formerly available through the Early Access 4 Season Pass. 1 Description 2 Customization 2.1 Heads 2.2 Ears 2.3 Horns 2.4 Arms / Legs 2.5 Tails 2.6 Wings 3 Mythology 4 Trivia 5 Gallery Curious. Gleeful. Distant. The Shinigami is a lanky humanoid creature. It has a jagged smile, goat-like ears, long claws, a. Like Sazh: Heads or Tails? on Facebook. Like. Sazh: Heads or Tails? Facebook Like Button Game Rating: T (Teen) Drug Reference; Simulated Gambling; Violence; Mild Language; Mild Suggestive Themes; This add-on works with: FINAL FANTASY XIII-2. 4.25 out of 5 stars from 34276 reviews 34,276. 1/31/2012 . Unlock new casino content and a new episode featuring Sazh in Serendipity. Complete the episode.

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