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About This Report Scope of the Report This report covers the operations of OCBC Group globally except for Great Eastern Holdings, a separately listed subsidiary that publishes an independent sustainability report. The content of this report focuses primarily on activities carried out within the financial year ending 31 December 2019. Where applicable, data from previou Published in2020 2019 2018 20172020. OCBC Sustainability Report 2020 (English) (4.9MB) OCBC Sustainability Report 2019 (English) (3.3MB) OCBC Sustainability Report 2019 (Chinese) (3.4MB) OCBC Sustainability Report 2018 (English) (3.1MB) OCBC Sustainability Report 2018 (Chinese) (3.5MB

Bank OCBC NISP's 2019 Sustainability Report ('the Report') presents comprehensive data and information on sustainability performance for the period of January 1 to December 31, 2019, as in the previous year. The Report applies the Core Option Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards On top of that, the bank also has a target to build a sustainable finance portfolio of S$10b by 2022 - at the end of 2019, their sustainable finance assets had totalled to more than S$8b, with close to S$4b in 2019 alone. Impact on the Issuance of Digital Banking Licenses by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) on OCBC

in the Sukuk market by successfully pricing Malaysia's First ASEAN Sustainability SRI (Sustainable and Responsible Investment) Sukuk of RM245 million on 30 September 2019. Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts continued to gain momentum through our corporate and branch-level initiatives. The efforts were centred on strengthening family ties, promoting education, protecting th This is our second annual Sustainability Report. It covers the operations of the OCBC Group globally except for Great Eastern Holdings, a separately-listed subsidiary that publishes its independent sustainability report in accordance with the requirements of SGX-ST Listing Rules. The contents o Robust 2019 Performance OCBC Group 2019 S$m 2018 S$m YoY +/(-)% Net interest income 6,331 5,890 7 Non-interest income 4,540 3,811 19 Total income 10,871 9,701 12 Operating expenses (4,644) (4,214) 10 Operating profit 6,227 5,487 13 Associates 566 455 24 Operating profit before allowances 6,793 5,942 14 Allowances (890) (288) 210 Amortisation of intangibles (103) (102) Sustainability Reports. In 2012, DBS was the first Singapore bank and listed Southeast Asian company to participate in the International Integrated Reporting Council's (IIRC) pilot programme to enhance corporate disclosures on value creation across multiple stakeholder groups. Since 2015, we have produced integrated reports in accordance with the Integrated Reporting <IR> Framework and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards. In 2018, we published the inaugural standalone and.

The Shell Sustainability Report describes our social, safety and environmental performance in 2020 and significant events for us during the year We also aligned our reporting to the material issues identified by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), including those specific to the Industrial Goods and Machinery industry. In addition, our 2020 report continues to incorporate GRI reporting. John Deere supports the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Developmen Current Sustainability Report & Archive of last years' reports. The Sustainability Report provides information about sustainability activities conducted

Focused on managing Public Fixed Income, Private Capital, and Real Estate assets, we emphasize listening, strategizing, and constant collaboration so that our investing decisions create long-term sustainable value for all. We proudly leverage the broader resources and more than 150-year history of MetLife, navigating ever-changing markets and building a more confident future in an effort to catalyze progress across social and environmental issues. We are institutional, but far from typical 2020 Sustainability Report Moving and Improving the World This sustainability report contains forward-looking statements, which concern future circumstances and results and o Sustainability Report 2019 This Shell Sustainability Report covers our social, safety and environmental performance in 2019 and significant events for us during the year. Select topics that interest you and view your results belo 2020 Environmental Sustainability Report. Explore our progress to become a carbon negative, water positive, zero waste company while also building a Planetary Computer. View the 2020 report. A time for action. This must be a decade of ambition and action. We've shared our ambitions and now present our actions, results, and lessons learned to help others accelerate their progress. Areas of. 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report 2. Sasan Goodarzi Chief Executive Officer of Intuit A WORD FROM OUR CEO Everyone — no matter who they are, no matter where they live — should have the opportunity to prosper. Unfortunately, that is not the world we live in. Around the globe, too many people struggle to make ends meet. They worry about their finances. And they are scared they won't.

Sustainability Report 2019 - Dow Corporat ComfortDelGro Analyst Reports (SGX:C52) | SG investors.io 2019 Annual Report. Two-percent growth in customers. More disruptive innovations introduced to the market. A pioneer in sustainable finance. Progress on our digital transformation. Solid financial results. These are just some of the highlights of ING's 2019. Read all the highlights here. The proposed dividend distribution as reflected in the.

Sustainability. Report 2019. Let the Scroll Party Begin! Oatly Sustainability Report 2019. Read about Oatly's sustainability successes and failures, and what we're doing to always keep improving while we work to change the broken food system. Facebook. Twitter ← To Oatly.com. Share. Sustainability. • $26.4 billion in environmental and sustainable inancing (2018-2019) • $150 billion in support for environmental and sustainable inancing over 10 years (2018-2027) 18% 2 of targe Sustainable Future. Sustainability Approach. Drive Growth Sustainably. Keep Customers at the Centre. Develop Professionals of Principle. Uphold Corporate Responsibility . International presence. Where We Operate >500. branches and offices in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. Asia 500. International presence. Where We Operate. Annual Report 2019. Financial Highlights. Net interest income. To get closer to our aim, in 2018 we launched our current Sustainability Strategy 2019 to 2021 entitled: 'Use wind intelligently - live sustainability'. The Prime status awarded to our company in the ISS-ESG sustainability ratings, positive developments, such as further reductions in the frequency rate of lost time injuries and COE, and initiatives to minimize the environmental impact of our business, all show that we are on the right track. For more details on our. Our 2020 Sustainable Development report and 2020 Integrated report are out. Read the highlights or download the full reports, indices and infographics from the sustainable development report hub. Sustainable development report hub Sustainable Development report 2020 (PDF) Integrated report & financial statements 2020 (PDF) Socioeconomic Assessment Toolbox reports (SEAT) All results & reports.

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  1. Overview of Financial Statements, Annual Report and Sustainability Reports, Stock Performance, Corporate Action, and Credit & Analyst Report
  2. Global Sustainability Report 2019. At C&A, we believe everyone should be able to look and feel good every day, while supporting a good quality of life for those who make our clothes and a healthy planet. We want our customers to trust us to do the right thing, so they can buy our products without having to choose between what's sustainable.
  3. Search for Sustainability reports at searchandshopping.org. Find Sustainability reports her

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2019 Sustainability Report Participant. Hyundai Motor Company; Published. 2019/07/04 Time period. January 2018 - June 2019 Files. hmc-2019-sustainability-report-v2-en.pdf (English) ; hmc-2019-sustainability-report-v2-kr.pdf (Korean) ; Link Our reports Get an overview of our financial, ESG and sustainability performance by downloading our reports. We review progress in our work in sustainability through a reporting process that culminates in the annual Sustainability Report. Here we describe how Ørsted as a business contributes to addressing some of the challenges faced by. Sustainability Report 2019 English Thai Sustainability Report Executive Summary 2018 Arabic Bahasa Chinese Sustainability Report Executive Summary 2016 English Sustainability Report 2016 English Thai Sustainability Report 2015 English Thai Sustainability Report 2014 English Thai Sustainability Report 2013 English Thai Sustainability Report 2012 English Sustainability Report 2011 English. Sustainability Report. Sustainability Report. Epson has published a CSR activity report every year since 1999. In 2003, the name of the report was changed from Environmental Report to Sustainability Report. Sustainability Report 2020. Reporting period : April 2019 - March 202 The Volkswagen Group Sustainability Report 2020. For the fourth time, this Group Sustainability Report 2020 includes a combined separate nonfinancial report that complies with sections 289b para. 3 and 315b para. 3 of the Handelsgesetzbuch (HGB - German Commercial Code). The nonfinancial report serves to meet the disclosure requirements of.

2019 P&G Corporate CITIZENSHIP REPORTS. English 2019 P&G Sustainability Report Executive Summary English 2019 P&G Sustainability Full Report. 2018 P&G Corporate CITIZENSHIP REPORTS Learn more about Danone's company reports on a large range of sustainability metrics by key topics: Health, Planet , People and Business for Inclusive Growth. Visit our website for more informations CSR Report 2020. All pages 23.3MB. Message from the President 0.7MB. Toray Group Corporate Social Responsibility 2.4MB. Sustainability Vision 3.2MB. Contributing Solutions to Social Issues through Business Activities 1.2MB. Corporate Governance and Management Transparency 1.2MB. Corporate Ethics and Legal Compliance 1.0MB. Risk Management 0.9MB Sustainability Reporting at Beiersdorf. Beiersdorf has provided transparent sustainability reporting and has continually engaged for greater sustainability for many years now. Since as early as 2003 we have reported annually on our strategic approaches, projects and measures in the area of sustainability. Since 2021 our Combined Non-financial.

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  1. Sustainability Report 2019: 11.25 MB: 14 May 2019: Sustainability Report 2018: 8.09 MB: 30 Jul 2018: Sustainability Report 2017: 6.70 MB: 25 Jul 2017: Sustainability Report 2016: 6.33 MB: 12 Jan 2015: Sustainability Report 2015: 4.29 MB: 12 Jan 2014: Sustainability Report 2014: 3.70 MB: 12 Jan 2013: Sustainability Report 2013: 3.91 MB: 01 Oct 2010 : Sustainability Report 2009: 2.44 MB: Note.
  2. Orange County Community Indicators Report. The Orange County Community Indicators Report is part of Orange County's broad range of robust, data-rich reports that track issues of importance on a regular basis. Several issue-focused reports, available either printed or online, provide additional detail on many indicators included in the report
  3. Global Sustainability Report 2019. At C&A, we believe everyone should be able to look and feel good every day, while supporting a good quality of life for those who make our clothes and a healthy planet. We want our customers to trust us to do the right thing, so they can buy our products without having to choose between what's sustainable.
  4. Sustainability Reports. Published in March of every year, this group-wide publication covers CLP's key sustainability efforts and milestones towards a low-carbon future across Asia Pacific. You may access our latest Sustainability Report and our archive of reports from previous years here, along with a feedback form for you to share your.
  5. Sustainability Report 2009 (1.60 mb) Previous sustainability performance centre Prior to publishing our detailed ESG report in 2019, our online performance centre featured historical data including progress against our goals, performance charts, independent assurance statement and our response to assurance

METLIFE 2019 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT. Always with you, building a more confident future. Employees volunteer on the frontlines during COVID-19. Continue Reading Our Purpose: What we believe in. At MetLife, we've been in the business of making and keeping promises for more than 150 years. How we fulfill it. We're always there for our employees, customers, shareholders, and communities. Sustainability across our operations. ExxonMobil is committed to producing the energy and chemical products that are essential to modern life and economic development, in a way that helps protect people, the environment and the communities where we operate. This includes mitigating the risks of climate change. Report archive

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Making fashion and design accessible to everyone, in a way that's good for people, the planet and our industry, means being accountable. In our Sustainability Performance Report, we openly and transparently report on our progress, challenges and learnings - to do better business and inspire meaningful change in our industry Sustainability Report. 2019. At Facebook, we believe sustainability is about more than operating responsibly. It's an opportunity to support the communities we're a part of and make a bigger impact on the world. We believe that climate change is an urgent issue facing the world today and we are committed to doing our part to address this. Sustainability Reporting. Sony releases the Sustainability Report 2020 to provide a comprehensive and detailed report on non-financial information for a wide range of stakeholders. This report is organized by the material topics which form the foundation for Sony's long-term value creation, and it focuses on activities in fiscal 2019 Sustainability Report 2019 (Interactive Online Version) 2018 Sustainability Report 2018 (PDF, 9,0 MB) Materiality Identification Process (PDF, 1,4 MB) TCFD Recommendations Index 2018 (PDF, 40,1 KB) 2017 Sustainability Report 2017 (PDF, 5,9 MB) GRI Index 2017 (PDF, 1,5 MB) 2016 Sustainability Report 2016 (PDF, 3,8 MB) GRI Index 2016 (PDF, 85,2 KB) 2015 Sustainability Report 2015 (PDF, 3,7 MB. on sustainability reporting, corporate governance, tax compliance and historical financial information. All financial amounts in this report are in Australian dollars unless otherwise specified. 4 / As the world reinvents itself Lendlease Annual Report 2019 / Our Business / 5 Our Business Southbank, Chicago (artist's impression) Lendlease is undertaking a major revitalisation on the banks of.

Explore 2020 Sustainability Report Download 2020 Sustainability Report. 2020 Performance Highlights. CLP has selected performance highlights that are core to its material topics, including responding to climate change, harnessing the power of technology, resilience and data protection, and building an agile, inclusive and sustainable workforce. 0.11 LTIR. for employees and contractors combined. The 2019 Annual and Sustainability Report for Vattenfall AB (publ) is submitted by the Board of Directors and describes the companys o' verall targets and strategy as well as the years ' results. The administration report and accounts are found on pages 4-5, 8-13, 62-150 and are assured by our auditors. Pages 13, 16-18, 58-59, 63-67, 77-79, and 156-167 include Vattenfalls s.

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1 September 2018 to 31 August 2019. About this report This is an IKEA Brand report and it covers the entire IKEA business and value chain. It summarises the performance against the IKEA sustainability strategy, People & Planet Positive, during FY19 and includes information from across the franchise system and the different companies operating under the IKEA Brand. The FY19 IKEA Sustainability. GSDR 2019 Global Sustainable Development Report 2019 The Future is Now: Science for Achieving Sustainable Development. Home (current) Mandate; Members; Media; Contributions; Review; 2023 IGS; The Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR ) originated in the Rio + 20 outcome, when Member States were laying the groundwork for the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The. The Henkel Sustainability Report covers the key ecological and social developments in fiscal 2020. The contents of this report reflect the Henkel-relevant and material challenges of sustainable development. In 1992, we published our first Environment Report, which we have consistently developed and refined into today's Sustainability Report The following PDF files are available (PDF:) ABB Group Sustainability Report 2019 55 pages 20.1 MB (PDF:) Introduction 8 pages

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  1. Sustainability Report 2020. Tapping the future of shipping - Since the beginning of last year, Hapag-Lloyd's fleet has been operating using IMO 2020-compliant low-sulphur fuel oil, thereby reducing its sulphur-oxide emissions by over 70 percent compared to 2019
  2. 10 TUI Group | Sustainability Report 2019 Step lightly Respecting the environment in our products, services and processes is an essential feature of our quality standards. We place priority on improving carbon and resource efficiency. Conserving natural resources and mitigating negative environmental impacts are both in the interests of our business as well as the future success of travel and.
  3. 2020 Sustainability Report. We remain steadfast in our commitment to serve the communities where we operate and develop innovative products and sustainable solutions that create value for our stakeholders. % of sales from sustainably advantaged products and processes % of manufacturing and research and development locations with zero process waste to landfill % reduction in quantity of waste.

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Sie können alle Cookies akzeptieren, indem Sie auf Ich stimme zu klicken und weiter auf der Website navigieren. Alternativ können Sie auf Cookies verwalten klicken, damit diese nur für die von Ihnen ausgewählten Kategorien verwendet werden. Genauere Informationen darüber, wie wir Ihre Angaben verwenden, finden Sie in unserer Cookie-Richtlinie Annual and Sustainability Report 2019. KEY FIGURES Amounts in NOK million STATIONS 31.12.19 31.12.18 Number of Uno-X stations 296 288 Number of YX stations 300 261 Number of Bonus stations 120 123 RESULT 2019 Restated 2018 Operating revenue incl. excise duties 21,001 19,460 Excise duties -8,672 -7,668 Operating revenue ex. excise duties 12,329 11,792 Operating profit 512 449 FIFO effect 34 -17. OCBC_Annual_Report_2019.indd 6 1/30/19 5:46 PM. 7. In 2019, the importance and impact of OCBC has never been greater. Over the past . year, Orange County has seen unprecedented changes, from technological advances including virtual reality and automation, to demographic shifts — and these changes are predicted to grow exponentially. In order to continue to grow and meet the emerging demands. The Coca-Cola Company's 2019 Business and Sustainability Report covers multiple aspects of the business, including: our sustainability priorities and progress; financials; business performance; and operations. Click here to read more about this report Sustainability Report 2019. 2019 Sustainability Highlights. Safety & Environment. Safety & Environment Safety. Con Edison finished 2019 with a recordable injury rate of 1.26, a slight decrease over the previous year, and we are pursuing a reduction in the OSHA injury rate to 1.00 in 2021. We invested more than $3 billion in our systems 2019 for safe energy delivery throughout our service area.

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2019 results. Every year, L'Oréal reports the evolution of its sustainability performance in relation to its goals for the end of 2020. The table below provides a concise, overall summary of the Group's progress within the four major focus areas of its . Sharing Beauty With All. programme, using 'strategic' performance indicators*. The. Sustainability Report 2019. Our Sustainability Reports are developed in line with international best practice. We report based on Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards Reporting Guidelines (Core Option). Our GRI index can be downloaded here. The SR2019 also contains disclosures recommended in the Agricultural Products Sustainability Accounting Standard (Industry Standard, Version 2018-10.

The Sustainability Report 2020 highlights important topics and challenges for HeidelbergCement in its drive for sustainable development.Readers also learn about the successes and aims of corporate sustainability management, as well as the company's activities in the arena of environmental protection, employees, workplace safety and social responsibility Our last comprehensive report was published in 2018, with available data and key discussion items updated in 2019. Going forward, we are taking a new approach to reporting by publishing content in two different formats to further enhance reporting transparency: Our annual Sustainability Report details the progress on our most material issues over the past year and is now available as an.

This is the 11th edition of the KPMG Survey of Sustainability Reporting; the first edition was published in 1993. This year, KPMG professionals reviewed sustainability reporting from 5,200 companies in 52 countries and jurisdictions, making this the most extensive survey in the series to date. The survey provides a detailed look at global trends in sustainability reporting and offers insights. Sustainability Report. Annual Report. 2009. Sustainability Report. Annual Report. 2008. Sustainability Report. Annual Report. Our Annual Report has been integrated into the Sustainability Report from 2015

Sustainability Reports Here you can download all our social and environmental publications to date as well as the environmental statements of our own factory in Scheinfeld, Germany. Since full year 2000, adidas has published an annual sustainability report, highlighting the progress made toward targets set. As of full year 2017 reporting, for the first time, adidas presents its financial and. in 2019. By the end of 2019, 24% of our managing directors were women. In 2019. 77% of suppliers disclosed their targets, and 82% disclosed the actions they are taking . 99%+ of our people completed their Ethics & Compliance training in fiscal 2019. We have reached. 95%. workplace accessibility . to date. CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP REPORT 2019 | CalSTRS practices sustainable stewardship of the Teachers' Retirement Fund for the financial security of California's educators. Our annual Sustainability Report is prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards.. For the 2019-20 report, we've updated the key topics to reflect our approach to sustainability and business continuity during an extraordinary time Kuehne+Nagel has published its Sustainability Report 2019 that addresses and reflects on its environment, social and governance performances. With the 2019 report we look back to a successful period of having achieved our environmental goals, focused on our social and governance topics by increasing transparency and behaviours 2019 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT. THRIVING TOGETHER. INTRODUCTION; OUR BUSINESS; OUR ENVIRONMENT; OUR PEOPLE; OUR COMMUNITIES; ABOUT OUR REPORT; OUR PERFORMANCE; Explore the report with these useful tools. Data comparison. Select variables and create interactive charts. COMPARE. Materiality assessment map. Mapping our performance against key sustainability issues . EXPLORE. Build your own report.

Global Reporting Initiative index. Sustainability and corporate responsibility topics are also discussed in our official annual reports, including the annual report on Form 20-F that is filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The Board Review of 2019 Annual Accounts includes non-financial information as required by the Finnish Accounting Act implementing the EU Directive on. The 2021 3M Sustainability report captures the state of sustainability in all facets of the company's business. Provides an externally verified picture of where 3M stands in its mission to improve every life. Download full report or executive summary. Links to past reports 2020 Sustainability Report Learn more. Duke Energy 2020 Sustainability Report . This year marks the 15th year we've publicly reported on our progress to address important societal issues, such as climate change. Learn More. Past Reports. 2019 Sustainability Report. 2018 Sustainability Report. 2017 Sustainability Report. 2016 Sustainability Report. 2015 Sustainability Report. 2014. Current and historical Orica sustainability reports, and Safety, Health & Environment (SH&E) Reports. . 2019 Sustainability Data Centre (pdf 616.4KB) 2020 Modern Slavery Statement (pdf 3.8MB) 2019 Sustainability Scorecard Targets (pdf 59.3KB) 2018 Sustainability Scorecard - Complete (pdf 36.7KB) 2018 Orica Sustainability Report (pdf 11.7MB) Emissions Intensity Target (pdf 660.7KB) 2018. The report on sustainable development presents the economic, environmental and social achievements of PJSC LUKOIL in the year 2019

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  1. Highlights of Sustainability Report 2019. Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) Fatalities. 0. Freshwater withdrawn in water stressed areas. −61%. Energy savings from implemented projects in refineries. 365 TJ. Find out more about this material focus area. Carbon Efficiency. CDP Climate Change . A- Leadership. Reduction in carbon intensity of operations vs. 2010. −22%.
  2. Sustainability Report 2019 PDF (10.97 MB) In this Sustainability Report we assess the economic, environmental, and social impact of our business operations in 2019 and present our current target program. We make this comprehensive report available as a PDF file and as a interactive microsite to ensure that the information it contains is easy to.
  3. I am pleased to present our 2019 Corporate Sustainability Report. Throughout our report, we share our collective achievements of 2019, which, while they appear distant under the current circumstances, should be outlined, nonetheless. The report offers a holistic view of our sustainability efforts and their impact on the communities we serve. You will find updates related to our three new.
  4. ent economic, environmental and social impacts. As a technology leader, ABB actively enables the delivery of many of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  5. OCBC Bank posted a video OCBC Deepavali 2019 on YOUTUBE See Video » OCBC Bank's Competitors | OCBC Bank's News | OCBC Bank's Financials. November 24, 2020. ChinaPulse. UOB launches its Smart City Sustainable Finance Framework, the first by a bank in Asia to help more companies advance responsibly. FREE eNEWSLETTERS TMCnet News UOB launches its Smart City Sustainable Finance Framework, the.
  6. 2020 Alcoa Sustainability Report. Coronavirus Pandemic Response. From the CEO. Sustainability at Alcoa. Reports and Policies. Creating Sustainable Value in Communities. Improving our Footprint. Enhancing Product Value
  7. Our integrated corporate report combines financial and sustainability reporting to inform shareholders, employees and the interested public about the 2019 business year. Find out more about the BASF Online Report 2019 Sales €59,316 million 2018: €60,220 million EBIT before special items €4,536 million 2018: €6,281 million EBIT €4,052 million 2018: €5,974 million Dividend per share.

Sustainability Report 2019. Primary Menu. Change. Foreword A changing world A changing culture Partners for change Status as of 2019: -25%. Vans - 33%. Status as of 2019: -31%*** Primary raw material consumption . for electric drive systems** Passenger cars - 40% * In production, as compared to the average for 2013/2014 ** Per kWh, as compared to 2015 *** The reduction was 23. The 2019 Sustainability Report is also the separate, combined non- financial group report for the Henkel Group and Henkel AG & Co. KGaA for fiscal year 2019 within the meaning of Sections 315b and 315c, in conjunction with 289b to 289e of the German Commercial Code (HGB), which is made available to the public by publication on the website. In its sustainability reporting, Henkel applies the. Our sustainability reporting is integrated into our Annual Reports. Volvo Car Group Annual Report 2018 Volvo Car Group Annual Report 2019 Volvo Car Group Annual Report 2020 . Our approach to tax. Volvo Cars acts as a responsible global tax citizen. We encourage ethical and transparent business practices and comply with the OECD Transfer Pricing guidelines. We do not employ legal entities. Sustainability Report 2019 01 Introduction 01.1 Message from the CEO 01.2 Our business model 01.3 Our corporate strategy 01.4 2019 highlights 02 Sustainability strategy and governance 03 Sustainability in core business activities 04 Sustainability in operations 05 Allianz's climate-related financial disclosure 06 Data and performance With millions of customers worldwide, Allianz has grown to. Annual Report 2019. Hydro aims to lift profitability and drive sustainability in order to increase long-term value for our stakeholders and contribute to a viable society. Key figures. Letter to shareholders. Lifting profitability, driving sustainability Letter to shareholders Downloads. Annual report 2019 web.pdf (pdf, 14,94MB) Financial Statements and Board of Directors report 2019 web.pdf.

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  1. 2019 Sustainability Report 20.9MB PDF DOWNLOAD. 2018 Sustainability Report 32MB PDF DOWNLOAD. 2017 Sustainability Report 21.7MB PDF DOWNLOAD. 2016 Sustainability Report 33.1MB PDF DOWNLOAD. 2015 Sustainability Report 33.5MB PDF DOWNLOAD. 2014 Sustainability Report 10.4MB PDF DOWNLOAD. 2013 Sustainability Report 14.8MB PDF DOWNLOAD
  2. Sustainability; Sustainability Report 2019; Sustainability Report. SR - 2019. About Us Senior Statements Strategy Production Forest People. About Us. Vision & Values. As a leading global pulp-and-paper company, we believe in delivering innovation, sustainably and responsibly, working together to secure a better future of our customers, communities,employees, shareholders and you. Our Value. 01.
  3. 2019 Annual Report ING Bank N.V. (PDF 9,2 MB) 2019 Annual Report ING Groep N.V. on Form 20-F. 2019 Annual Report ING Groep N.V. on Form 20-F (PDF 6,1 MB) The proposed dividend distribution as reflected in the ING Group 2019 Annual Report is amended by the new information included in the press release of 30 March 2020. Other downloads
  4. Learn more about Chipotle's Sustainability impact around Food & Animals, People, the Environment, and our mission to Cultivate A Better World. Sustainability At Chipotle. DOWNLOAD THE FULL 2020 REPORT Full Report DOWNLOAD THE 2020 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. DOWNLOAD THE 2019 REPORT UPDATE. DOWNLOAD THE 2018 REPORT. DOWNLOAD THE 2017 REPORT UPDATE. DOWNLOAD THE 2016 REPORT. DOWNLOAD THE 2020.

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Sustainability plays a vital role in our work. From the assembly line to the boardroom, we're committed to responsible practices across our business. We also know that our commercial success depends on creating safe, innovative, eco-efficient products that bring value to passengers and operators worldwide. By doing this, we will be able to. The Sustainability 2020 is assured by an independent third-party assurance provider with a level of limited assurance. For the sixth year running, a level of reasonable assurance has been provided for Stora Enso's reporting on direct and indirect fossil CO2 emissions (scopes 1 and 2). For Stora Enso's previous sustainability reports, other. Sustainability. As sustainability leaders, we aim to pioneer new solutions for sustainable development while continuing to shape our business responsibly and increase our economic success. This ambition encompasses all of our company's activities - along the entire value chain. Strategy

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In 2019, OCBC Bank was ranked as No. 1 Mandated Lead Arranger for green financing league tables in the region. In June 2020, OCBC Bank has set an ambitious new target of S$25 billion by 2025 for its sustainable finance portfolio. For more details please refer to OCBC Bank Sustainable Finance page . Roles And Responsibilities Include As a part of the Sustainable Finance Group that operates as a.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility? - Regal SpringsCita Mineral Raih Pembiayaan US$30 Juta dari OCBC - MediaTargets, performance and plans | SustainabilityHang Lung - 2019Covid has hurt the sustainability reporting performance ofTerm Paper ( z a r a )UPS 2014-corporate-sustainability-report
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