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Low Prices on Modular Arithmetic. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Order Get Maths Modular With Fast and Free Shipping on eBay. Looking For Maths Modular? We Have Almost Everything on eBay In mathematics, modular arithmetic is a system of arithmetic for integers, where numbers wrap around when reaching a certain value, called the modulus. The modern approach to modular arithmetic was developed by Carl Friedrich Gauss in his book Disquisitiones Arithmeticae, published in 1801 What is modular arithmetic? Examples. With a modulus of 4 we make a clock with numbers 0, 1, 2, 3. We start at 0 and go through 8 numbers in a... Conclusion. If we have and we increase by a multiple of , we will end up in the same spot, i.e. Notes to the Reader. Many programming languages, and.

Modular Arithmetic. Let n be a positive integer. We denote the set [ 0.. n − 1] by Z n. We consider two integers x, y to be the same if x and y differ by a multiple of n, and we write this as x = y ( mod n), and say that x and y are congruent modulo n. We may omit ( mod n) when it is clear from context Modular arithmetic is a system of arithmetic for integers, which considers the remainder. In modular arithmetic, numbers wrap around upon reaching a given fixed quantity (this given quantity is known as the modulus) to leave a remainder Modular arithmetic, sometimes called clock arithmetic, involves divisibility and congruence, and examines the remainder Modular Arithmetic. Modular arithmetic is the branch of arithmetic mathematics related with the mod functionality. Basically, modular arithmetic is related with computation of mod of expressions. Expressions may have digits and computational symbols of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or any other Modular Arithmetic In addition to clock analogy, one can view modular arithmetic as arithmetic of remain-ders. For example, in mod 12 arithmetic, all the multiples of 12 (i.e., all the numbers that give remainder 0 when divided by 12)areequivalentto0.Inthemodulararithmeticnotation, this can be written as 12⇥n ⌘ 0 (mod 12) for any whole number n

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In der Mathematik ist die modulare Arithmetik ein Arithmetiksystem für ganze Zahlen, bei dem Zahlen beim Erreichen eines bestimmten Werts, des Moduls, umlaufen. Der moderne Ansatz der modularen Arithmetik wurde von Carl Friedrich Gauss in seinem 1801 veröffentlichten Buch Disquisitiones Arithmeticae entwickelt Meinel C., Mundhenk M. (2011) Modulare Arithmetik. In: Mathematische Grundlagen der Informatik. Vieweg+Teubner. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-8348-8125-0_14. DOI https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-8348-8125-0_14; Publisher Name Vieweg+Teubner; Print ISBN 978-3-8348-1520-0; Online ISBN 978-3-8348-8125-0; eBook Packages Computer Science and Engineering (German Language MODULAR ARITHMETIC PETER MCNAMRA Bucknell University and Trinity College Dublin. Motivating Problems. (a) Find the remainder when 2123 is divided by 29. (b) Do there exist integer solutions to x2 + y2 = z2? Yes: solutions are side-lengths of right-angled triangles, such as 3, 4,5 or 5, 12,13. (c) Do there exist integer solutions to xn + yn = zn for n > 2 ? This is Fermat's Last Theorem. The best way to introduce modular arithmetic is to think of the face of a clock. The numbers go from to, but when you get to o'clock, it actually becomes o'clock again (think of how the hour clock numbering works). So becomes, becomes, and so on

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1. Modulare Arithmetik Dreizehn Jahre lang hatten die Briten und Franzosen geglaubt, die Enigma-Verschlüsselung sei nicht zu knacken, doch nun schöpften sie Hoffnung. Die polnischen Erfolge hatten bewiesen, daß die Enigma angreifbar war, und dies stärkte die Moral der alliierten Kryptoanalytiker. [aus Simon Singh: The Codebook Modular Arithmetic In studying the integers we have seen that is useful to write a = qb+r. Often we can solve problems by considering only the remainder, r. This throws away some of the information, but is useful because there are only finitely many remainders to consider. The study of the properties of the system o

Modular arithmetic, in its most elementary form, arithmetic done with a count that resets itself to zero every time a certain whole number N greater than one, known as the modulus (mod), has been reached. Examples are a digital clock in the 24-hour system, which resets itself to 0 at midnight (N Modular Arithmetic. Modular arithmetic is the arithmetic of congruences, sometimes known informally as clock arithmetic. In modular arithmetic, numbers wrap around upon reaching a given fixed quantity, which is known as the modulus (which would be 12 in the case of hours on a clock, or 60 in the case of minutes or seconds on a clock)

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The problem with above solutions is, overflow may occur for large value of n or x. Therefore, power is generally evaluated under modulo of a large number. Below is the fundamental modular property that is used for efficiently computing power under modular arithmetic Uses Of Modular Arithmetic. Now the fun part — why is modular arithmetic useful? Simple time calculations. We do this intuitively, but it's nice to give it a name. You have a flight arriving at 3pm. It's getting delayed 14 hours. What time will it land? Well, 14 ≡ 2 mod 12. So I think of it as 2 hours and an am/pm switch, so I know it will be 3 + 2 = 5am. This is a bit more.

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Modular Arithmetic for Beginners. By Spheniscine, history, 18 months ago, Introduction. If you're new to the world of competitive programming, you may have noticed that some tasks, typically combinatorial and probability tasks, have this funny habit of asking you to calculate a huge number, then tell you that because this number can be huge, please output it modulo $$$10^9 + 7$$$. Like, it's. Modular arithmetic (sometimes called clock arithmetic) is a system of arithmetic for integers, where numbers wrap around after they reach a certain value—the modulus.. The Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler pioneered the modern approach to congruence in about 1750, when he explicitly introduced the idea of congruence modulo a number N.. Modular arithmetic was further advanced by Carl. Looking For Maths Modular? We Have Almost Everything on eBay. Get Maths Modular With Fast and Free Shipping on eBay Eine Einführung in die modulare Arithmetik. Wenn wir zwei ganze Zahlen dividieren, erhalten wir eine Gleichung, die wie folgt aussieht: ist der Dividend. ist der Divisor. ist der Quotient. ist der Rest. Wenn wir durch dividieren sind wir manchmal nur am Rest interessiert (und nicht am Ergebnis, dem Quotienten)

Modular Arithmetic In studying the integers we have seen that is useful to write a = qb+r. Often we can solve problems by considering only the remainder, r. This throws away some of the information, but is useful because there are only finitely many remainders to consider. The study of the properties of the system of remainders is called modular arithmetic. It is an essential tool in number. Modular arithmetic, sometimes called clock arithmetic, is a calculation that involves a number that resets itself to zero each time a whole number greater than 1, which is the mod, is reached. An example of this is the 24-hour digital clock, which resets itself to 0 at midnight. In mathematics, the modulo is the remainder or the number that's left after a number is divided by another value. Exercise 2.3: Modular Arithmetic 1. Find the least positive value of x such that (i) 71 ≡ x (mod 8) (ii) 78 + x ≡ 3 (mod 5) (iii) 89 ≡ (x + 3) (mod... 2. If x is congruent to 13 modulo 17 then 7x - 3 is congruent to which number modulo 17? 3. Solve 5x ≡ 4 (mod 6) 4. Solve 3x − 2 ≡ 0 (mod 11) 5. What. How do Modular Arithmetic and Caesar Ciphers relate? Since there are 26 letters in the English alphabet, let's relate the letters a-z by numbers 0-25 as shown by the diagram below. Notice going from \a to \D was a shift of 3 letters over. Thus we can encrypt the word \pumpkin by relating \p with 15 on the wheel, adding 3 to get 18, and then we turn this back into a letter, which gives us. Die Kongruenz ist in der Zahlentheorie eine Beziehung zwischen ganzen Zahlen.Man nennt zwei ganze Zahlen und kongruent modulo (= eine weitere Zahl), wenn sie bei der Division durch beide denselben Rest haben. Das ist genau dann der Fall, wenn sie sich um ein ganzzahliges Vielfaches von unterscheiden. Stimmen die Reste hingegen nicht überein, so nennt man die Zahlen inkongruent modulo

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Arithmetic is performed using the output class. Results might not match MATLAB ® due to differences in rounding errors. If one of the inputs has type int64 or uint64, both inputs must have the same type Stifte & Marker, Architektur-Modellbau, PLEXIGLAS®, Multiplex oder MDF, Papier & Papeterie, Bastelbedarf. Über 30.000 Artikel direkt online bestelle Modular Arithmetic Introduction. Modular Exponentiation. Focus Problem - read through this problem before continuing! Modular Inverse. If the modular inverse of the same number (s) is/are being used many times, it is a good idea to... Templates. In Modular Arithmetic; The dividend can be zero, positive or negative. The divisor must be positive. The quotient can be zero, positive or negative. The remainder must always be nonnegative (zero and positive) If the remainder is negative, we have to manipulate the quotient so we have a positive remainder Modulo Arithmetic Introduction: Many people grow up with the idea that 1 + 1 = 2. Since math is commonly perceived as having everything right or wrong, people will immediately reject the idea of 1+1 = 0. They misunderstand the meaning of this equation. Most people would never accept the idea that 3*2 = 0. In fact, they should not accept 1+1 = 0 or even 3*2 = 0 if 1, 2, and 3 are actually.

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  1. Modular Arithmetic. 04, May 20. Matrix Exponentiation. 12, Mar 16. Find Nth term (A matrix exponentiation example) 02, Oct 18. Expected number of moves to reach the end of a board | Matrix Exponentiation. 27, Dec 19. Check if given number is a power of d where d is a power of 2. 05, Jun 18 . Compute power of power k times % m. 28, Jun 18. Larger of a^b or b^a (a raised to power b or b raised.
  2. Modular arithmetic : The formal algebra of congruences, due to Gauss. Fermat's little theorem : For a prime p not dividing a , ap - 1 is 1 modulo p. Euler's totient function : f (n) counts the integers coprime to n, from 1 to n. Fermat-Euler theorem : If a is coprime to n, a to the f (n) is 1 modulo n
  3. Modular arithmetic is easy enough to do with a small clock number (aka the modulus) and with addition, subtraction, and multiplication: simply do the arithmetic as normal and then add or subtract the modulus until you get a positive number less than the modulus. But division and powers can be problematic: division can't be done that way as we can't allow fractions and taking powers can.
  4. Other modular arithmetic operations are stated in their natural form: i + j mod m; i-j mod m; i * j mod m; j ^ (-1) mod m; i / j mod m; where the latter case will perform i ⁢ j − 1 ⁢ mod ⁢ m. • The left precedence of the mod operator is lower than (less binding strength than) the other arithmetic operators. Its right precedence is immediately.
  5. Modular arithmetic is a way of counting in which the numbers wrap around after reaching a certain value. The clock is often used as an analogy. While time always progresses forward, the 12-hour clock resets to 1 after passing 12 (13 o'clock is equivalent to 1 o'clock). If we replace 12 with 0, we have [
  6. e if the statement is true or false. 1) 1351 0 (mod 7) 1) A) False: B) True: 2) 11: 4 (mod 7) 2) A) False: B) True: 3) 66: 7 (mod 12) 3) A) False: B) True . Find the sum. 4) (6 + 5.
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In mathematics, particularly in the area of number theory, a modular multiplicative inverse of an integer a is an integer x such that the product ax is congruent to 1 with respect to the modulus m. In the standard notation of modular arithmetic this congruence is written as (),which is the shorthand way of writing the statement that m divides (evenly) the quantity ax − 1, or, put another way. Modular arithmetic. Modular arithmetic is a special type of arithmetic that involves only integers. Since modular arithmetic is such a broadly useful tool in number theory, we divide its explanations into several levels: Introduction to modular arithmetic. Intermediate modular arithmetic. Olympiad modular arithmetic

Modular Arithmetic CS 2800: Discrete Structures, Fall 2014 Sid Chaudhuri. Follow-up exercise Read up on Euclid's Algorithm for fnding the Greatest Common Divisor of two natural numbers. Congruence (modulo m) Informally: Two integers are congruent modulo a natural number m if and only if they have the same remainder upon division by m. Congruence (modulo m) Informally: Two integers are. Modular arithmetic is one of those things in math that sounds like it should be really hard but actually isn't too tough once you know what it is. In fact, I guarantee that modular arithmetic is something that you use every single day. Don't believe me? Well, keep on reading because today we're talking about what modular arithmetic is, how to do it, and where it shows up in the real world Modular arithmetic motivates many questions that don't arise when study-ing classic arithmetic. For example, in classic arithmetic, adding a positive number a to another number b always produces a number larger than b.In modular arithmetic this is not always so. For example, if it is now 4 o'clock and we add 23 hours, the time will then be 3 o'clock, which doesn't appear to be.

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Modular arithmetic definition is - arithmetic that deals with whole numbers where the numbers are replaced by their remainders after division by a fixed number. How to use modular arithmetic in a sentence Modular Arithmetic. This package provides a type for integers modulo some constant, usually written as ℤ/n. Here is a quick example: >>> 10 * 11 :: ℤ/7 5. It also works correctly with negative numeric literals: >>> (-10) * 11 :: ℤ/7 2. Modular division is an inverse of modular multiplication. It is defined when divisor is coprime to modulus

Modular arithmetic is sometimes called clock arithmetic, because the rules in modular arithmetic are the same rules that apply to telling the time. In a clock, there are 12 hours, and once you get. Proof for Modular Subtraction. We will prove that (A - B) mod C = (A mod C - B mod C) mod C. We must show that LHS=RHS. From the quotient remainder theorem we can write A and B as: A = C * Q1 + R1 where 0 ≤ R1 < C and Q1 is some integer. A mod C = R1. B = C * Q2 + R2 where 0 ≤ R2 < C and Q2 is some integer. B mod C = R2

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Modular arithmetic has many applications in cryptography and computer science. It's often used to detect errors in identification numbers. Think about the kinds of identification numbers we use everyday. Credit cards, bank accounts, and product barcodes all involve long strings of numbers. These numbers need to be correctly exchanged by computer systems. Think about using your credit card to. Arithmetic overflow and division by zero. When the result of an arithmetic operation is outside the range of possible finite values of the involved numeric type, the behavior of an arithmetic operator depends on the type of its operands. Integer arithmetic overflow. Integer division by zero always throws a DivideByZeroException

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  1. Modular Arithmetic Addition and Subtraction Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website
  2. In mathematics, modular arithmetic is a system of arithmetic for integers, where numbers wrap around upon reaching a certain value—the modulus.The modern approach to modular arithmetic was developed by Carl Friedrich Gauss in his book Disquisitiones Arithmeticae, published in 1801.. A familiar use of modular arithmetic is in the 12-hour clock, in which the day is divided into two 12-hour.
  3. Modular Arithmetic Adithya B., Brian L., William W., Daniel X. 9/2 §1Chinese Remainder Theorem Oftentimes, we need to handle congruences modulo composite numbers, e.g. modulo 6, or modulo 210, etc. The Chinese Remainder Theorem is a useful tool that allows us to transfer from multiple congruences to a single congruence
  4. Modular arithmetic has been a major concern of mathematicians for at least 250 years, and is still a very active topic of current research. In this article, I will explain what modular arithmetic is, illustrate why it is of importance for mathematicians, and discuss some recent breakthroughs

The term modular arithmetic is used to refer to the operations of addition and multiplication of congruence classes in the integers modulo \(n\). So if \(n \in \mathbb{N}\), then we have an addition and multiplication defined on \(\mathbb{Z}_n\), the integers modulo \(n\). Always remember that for each of the equations in the definitions, the operations on the left, \(\oplus\) and \(\odot. Modular arithmetic is a key ingredient of many public key cryptosystems. It provides finite structures (called rings) which have all the usual arithmetic operations of the integers and which can be implemented without difficulty using existing computer hardware. An important property of these structures is that they appear to be randomly permuted by operations such as exponentiation, but. modular arithmetic. system of algebraic operations defined for remainders under division by a fixed positive integer; system of arithmetic for integers, where numbers wrap around upon reaching a certain value—the modulus. Upload media. Wikipedia I'll get to the modular arithmetic in just a moment, but first a review: SQUARE ROOTS. We should know that 25 has two square roots in ordinary arithmetic: 5 and -5. MODULAR ARITHMETIC SQUARE ROOTS. IF the square root exists, there are 2 of them modulo a prime. To continue our example, 25 has the two square roots 5 and -5. We can check this: $$(-5)^2 = 25 \equiv 3\bmod 11$$ $$(5)^2 = 25 \equiv. Arithmetic on type double in R is supposed to be done in 'round to nearest, ties to even' mode, but this does depend on the compiler and FPU being set up correctly. Value. Unary + and unary -return a numeric or complex vector. All attributes (including class) are preserved if there is no coercion: logical x is coerced to integer and names, dims and dimnames are preserved. The binary.

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  1. Modular arithmetic, sometimes also called clock arithmetic, is a way of doing arithmetic with integers.Much like hours on a clock, which repeat every twelve hours, once the numbers reach a certain value, called the modulus, they go back to zero.. In general, given a modulus , we can do addition, subtraction and multiplication on the set { ,} in a way that wrap around
  2. Modular arithmetic uses only a fixed number of possible results in all its computation. For instance, there are only 12 hours on the face of a clock. If the time now is 7 o'clock, 20 hours later will be 3 o'clock; and we do not say 27 o'clock! This example explains why modular arithmetic is referred to by some as clock arithmetic
  3. Modular arithmetic. As the name says, LongModulus is a pretty long (lengthy) class implementing modular arithmetic for a long modulus. As overflow is a problem, I implemented two subclasses, one for moduli not using the highest non-sign bit (i.e., smaller than 2 62) and one for the others. The code uses Guava and Lombok
  4. Modular Arithmetic. This package provides a type for integers modulo some constant, usually written as ℤ/n. Here is a quick example: >>> 10 * 11 :: ℤ/7 5 It also works correctly with negative numeric literals: >>> (-10) * 11 :: ℤ/7 2 Modular division is an inverse of modular multiplication. It is defined when divisor is coprime to modulus: >>> 7 `div` 3 :: ℤ/16 13 >>> 3 * 13 :: ℤ/16.
  5. Modular arithmetic. data Mod i n Source. Wraps an underlying Integeral type i in a newtype annotated with the bound n. Instances (Integral i, KnownNat n) => Bounded (Mod i n) (Integral i, KnownNat n) => Enum (Mod i n) Eq i => Eq (Mod i n) (Integral i, KnownNat n) => Integral (Mod i n) Integer division uses modular inverse inv, so it is possible to divide only by numbers coprime to n and the.

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1.Does while doing modular arithmetic every number 'p' that is ever going to used in arithmetic operation should be in [0,n) so modular arithmetic is ( (a mod n + b mod n) mod n) 2.It doesn't matter what numbers you are using, at the end, value should be 0<= V< n so modular arithmetic is (some long cumbersome arithmetic expressions) mod n From basic algorithms like Sieve, Bitwise-sieve, Segmnted-sieve, Modular Arithmetic, Big Mod to Primality test, CRT etc. all other advance number theory algorithms. algorithms modular-arithmetic binary-search number-theory sieve-of-eratosthenes meet-in-the-middle primality-test two-pointers bisection-method all-possible-subset bitwise-sieve

Modular Arithmetic Institute via ScienceDump. April 19, 2016 ·. Zero seems to be a number we nowadays pretty much take for granted, but the history and story of how it came into being is quite fascinating! I think that they should have taught us this instead of actual math in high school. But fortunately Hannah Fry will tell you all you need. The arithmetic combinator is part of the circuit network and one of three types of combinators available in the game (along with the constant combinator and decider combinator). Each arithmetic combinator can perform any one of the following mathematical operations on signals, and will show the corresponding symbol on its top Analysis of Modular Arithmetic MARKUS MULLER-OLM¨ Westf¨alische Wilhelms-Universit¨at Mu¨nster and HELMUT SEIDL TU Mu¨nchen We consider integer arithmetic modulo a power of 2 as provided by mainstream programming languages like Java or standard implementations of C. The difficulty here is that the ring Zm of integers modulo m = 2w, w > 1, has zero divisors and thus cannot be embedded into. Browse Our Great Selection of Books & Get Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders Modular Arithmetic In this chapter, we'll look at some applications of modular arithmetic, i.e., applications of the rings Z/nZ to number theory. In particular, we'll get applications to divisibility tests, necessary conditions for solutions of various Diophantine equations (including non-solvability results), as well as an application to modern cryptography. For some of these applications.

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Modular arithmetic In mathematics, modular arithmetic (sometimes called clock arithmetic) is a system of arithmetic for integers, where numbers wrap around لﻮﺣ ﻒﺘﻠﻳ after they reach a certain value the modulus. [ The Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler pioneered the modern approach to congruence in about 1750, when he explicitly introduced the idea of congruence modulo a number N. Overview. Modular arithmetic is simply arithmetic that is restricted to a finite set of elements. For our purposes, that set of elements will be the set of all non-negative integers less than some integer n (greater than 1) where n is called the modulus of the set. This is just a fancy way of saying that our set consists off all the integers from zero up to (but not including) n Modular arithmetic Definition Two numbers in Z are said to be congruent modulo m if their difference is multiple of m. That's written x ≡ y (modulo m). It is an equivalence relation, that is : x ≡ x (modulo m) x ≡ y (modulo m) implies y ≡ x (modulo m) x ≡ y (modulo m) and y ≡ z (modulo m) implies x ≡ z (modulo m) We can then define equivalence classes. There are m equivalence. I plan on writing a couple posts related to cryptography soon. Before I do that, I wanted to have a post covering some of the basics of modular arithmetic first, because this material will be needed for the cryptographic posts. Divisibility The first thing to know is that modular arithmetic is all about integers. We do not care about rationals, reals, or anything else, only integers 1 In competitive programming, Modular Arithmetic Properties are essential tools in solving big number problems. In the problem statement, whenever they say, print the answer , it's not that simple. You may have worked a lot to get the logic, but the output must be given as they say

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4 Modulare Arithmetik 4.1 Restklassenringe Die ganzen Zahlen zusammen mit den Operationen Addition und Multiplikation algebraische Struktur auf endliche Teilmengen von Ù ubertragen.¨ Dies geschieht durch Identifikation von Elementen in Ù, die in einer gemeinsamen arithmetischen Folge liegen. Definition 4.1 Sei p ˛ ˝‡2. Zwei ganze Zahlen a,b ˛ Ù heißen kongruentmodulo p, in Zeichen. Modular Arithmetic. We begin by defining how to perform basic arithmetic modulo \(n\), where \(n\) is a positive integer. Addition, subtraction, and multiplication follow naturally from their integer counterparts, but we have complications with division. Euclid's Algorithm. We will need this algorithm to fix our problems with division. It was originally designed to find the greatest common. Modular arithmetic 1- Find prime numbers: choose start and end then click show. 2- Solve Extended euclidean: extended GCD: Set A & B and it will show you a table with full results and details of the euclid, and show the GCD of the numbers, Greatest Common Divisor. Extended Euclidean algorithm also refers to a very similar algorithm for computing the polynomial greatest common divisor and the.

Modular Multiplication Using Intermediate Modulo-n ReductionsWhen multiplying numbers using modular arithmetic, we can exploiting some basic properties to keep the range of intermediate results that we have to work to a range that is strictly less than n 2.This means that we can evaluate the above expression, 9 11 mod 13, and never work with any number as large as 169, which is clearly a. Modular Arithmetic I Neil Shah primeri.org This handout will be the rst in a multi-part series on Modular Arithmetic. Together, this series should cover almost all of the theory required to solve AMC and AIME number theory problems. §1Divisibility Before we dive into the topic of modular arithmetic, let's have a quick discussion on the subject of divisibility. De nition 1.1. A number bis. Assessment Module 5: Modular Arithmetic MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.. Determine if the statement is true or false.. Find the sum. Find the sum or product using the requested clock system.. Decide whether the congruence.

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Modular arithmetic allows us to wrap around numbers on a given interval. We use modular arithmetic daily without even thinking about it. When we tell time, we use hours on the interval 1­12. And when the clock gets to 12, we don't wonder what is going to happen next, we know that the hour wraps around to 1 and starts over again. This is modular arithmetic. The formal definition is as. Modular Arithmetic JV Practice 7/19/20 Anish Sevekari Warmup 1.Find the units place of (a)112020 (b)72020 (c)1472020 2.Is 3157 4361 a multiple of 11? 3.Explain why divisibility rule of 4, that is, a number is divisible by 4 if and only if the number formed by its last 2 digits is divisible by 4. Basic Properties and De nitions We say that a is congruent to b modulo n, written as a b (mod n) if. CHAPTER 1: MODULAR ARITHMETIC Chapter 1 Modular Arithmetic 1.0 Modular Arithmetic 1.01 Objectives Students should be able to: (i) Recall and carry out the basis operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication. (ii) Carry out the operations in modular arithmetic (iii) Apply modular arithmetic in daily life How can we begin to understand.

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